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Growco Indoor Garden Supply has been supplying growers with the best quality organic fertilizers, hydroponics systems, and indoor gardening supplies since we opened our first retail store in 1999! Large Orders

We now have two incredible retail stores in West Michigan, and a dedicated full-time warehouse for our internet customers. We stock all of the items that you'll find on this website at the lowest possible price, and we always ship orders out on same day we receive them or on the next business day! We specialize in complete growroom packages, and we will gladly take the time to help you build the growroom of your dreams! Large orders, pallets of soil- whatever you need for your indoor garden- you've come to the right place, we're here to help!

Featured Products

Power Cloner 165 plant cloning package includes high output fluorescent light, cloning gel and solution.
Plant propagation is quick and easy with the Botanicare Power Cloners. This model lets you clone 180 plants in just 5 to 10 days!
$69.95 - $129.95
A duct muffler can make indoor gardening fans significantly quieter by reducing noise heard from room to room.
$14.25 - $37.95
High quality dry soluble plant supplement that contains 1% vitamin B1 to help tweak your nutrients to your own taste.

Newest Additions

Mother Earth BioChar is carbonized material that increases the microbial life and fertility of your soil.
Use the Lightspeed Digital 1000w Ballast to save you HID bulbs. Dim the power to 750 of 600 watts and switch from 120 to 240 volts just by changing out the power cord!
Hydro Flow (Ecoplus) Ebb & Flow Fittings Kit has been around for years and is the perfect solution to reduce leaks. The pieces push together to create a tight seal.
Bontanicare Growilla Bud is a premium plant food designed specifically to deliver the nutrients your plant needs to transition to harvest.
Use Botanicare Growilla Veg to give your plants the nutrients they need to product lush, healthy vegetation.
$12.50 - $69.95
Mad Farmer’s M.O.A.B. is an all natural formula that delivers potassium and phosphorous to your plants to deliver higher, denser yields.
$1.69 - $6.99
Using Bluelab pH 7 Solution ensures you pH testing devices are clean, calibrated, and ready to use.
$11.95 - $69.95
Botanicare Pure Blend Tea has the essential, all-natural ingredients needed to give your plants a boost to grow stronger and healthier.
$1.69 - $6.99
Bluelab pH 4 Solution is specifically designed for calibration and allows you to ensure your Bluelab products are working effectively.
The Foxfarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit has everything you need to give your plants beautiful blooms and keep them growing healthy!
Save 14%
Bountea Root Web is the prefect choice to protect your seeds, trees, and lawn from fungal disease.
Save 15%
Bountea M3 uses nitrogen and other organic minerals to strengthen your plants and increase your plants growth.
$10.95 - $21.50
Use Deer Stopper to protect your plants and shrubs from the devastation that deer, elk, and moose can cause to your garden.
Save 14%
Deer Stopper Barrier Ribbon is the perfect solution for protecting your garden from deer, elk, and moose.
Use Ideal Air Stainless Steel Quick Release Duct Clamps to help put your grow room together with ease!
The General Hydroponics Snapture Dovetail works in conjunction with other fittings to allow you to create custom tray stands or plants supports.

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department to see that your order will reach you in perfect condition - satisfaction and privacy guaranteed! We warehouse all of our products, and pride ourselves in getting your order to you fast!

Our staff has many years of hands-on experience
helping customers build grow rooms, dial in nutrient programs, and make seriously productive gardens. Huge selection, low prices, and fast shipping- Growco wants to be your favorite grow shop! Let us help you learn to grow like a pro!

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