Growstone Gnat Nix - 9 liter bag

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Growstone Gnat Nix - 9 liter bag

The only scientifically proven, non-toxic environmentally friendly fungus gnat control product on the market that creates a physical barrier against fungus gnats. The Growstone Gnat Nix is great for outdoor and indoor use, and is effective under dry and moist conditions.

Gnat Nix targets different periods of a gnat's life cycle, helping to prevent the emergence of adults and the hatching of larvae. Female gnats are deterred from laying eggs into the growing medium. This growing medium greatly reduces the population of gnats in your plants!

All you need to do is apply a ½" to ¾" thick layer of Gnat Nix top dressing on the surface of your growing medium in your growing containers. Make sure the entire top surfaces of all your growing containers are fully covered at all times. Irrigate gently to avoid disturbing the protective physical barrier of Gnat Nix!

We've been testing this out in our greenhouse full of bonsai trees at one of the retail stores, and we are sold on it! This stuff really works! It targets all soil dwelling insects, like thrips and gnats. Since we started using our sample at the store, we've all taken bags of it home to put it to good use!

- Non-toxic, chemical free
- Long-lasting top dressing
- Made from 100% recycled glass
- Effective under dry or moist conditions

Made in the USA

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