250W Standard Metal Halide Bulb

250W Sylvania - Standard Metal Halide Bulb

1000W AgroSun Gold Horizontal MH Bulb

1000W AgroSun Gold Horizontal MH Bulb
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Agrosun Gold Horizontal bulb can only be mounted horizontally. These top-of-the-line bulbs have a color temperature of 3000 degrees Kelvin.

The AgroSun Gold has 49% more red spectrum than ordinary halide bulbs giving your plants a more complete light spectrum for increased fruiting and flowering, yet the AgroSun Gold HID bulbs maintain the intense metal halide brightness.

This is accomplished by a special internal coating that allows it to emit more light from the red end of the spectrum than traditional halides.

These bulbs have been acclaimed by professional greenhouse growers as well as home hobbyists as being the best plant growth bulbs on the market today.

250W: 20,000 lumens - 10,000 life hours
400W: 40,000 lumens - 10,000 life hours
1000W: 115,000 lumens - 12,000 life hours

There's no need for bulb switching between metal halide and high pressure sodium when you have an Agrosun Gold.

Our Agrosun MH bulbs have been around for a long time and are well loved by many, but due to their older design, we do not recommend them for use with electronic ballasts. Agrosun MH bulbs are still great bulbs when used with the older style magnetic ballasts! Use Agrosun MH bulbs (400 & 1000 watt) only with magnetic ballasts!

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