1000W Agrosun Red Sodium Bulb

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1000W Agrosun Super Red Sodium Bulb

Do you want to increase the flowering of your plants and enjoy bigger fruits and vegetables with a higher yield? You can with Agrosun Red Sodium HPS bulbs. These bulbs a manufactured in Germany and backed by the popular Hydrofarm so you can be sure they are high quality and reliable.

Your plants will grow to maturity faster with the help of the broader spectrum of this intense Super Red grow light!

We recommend these bulbs for times when you are in need of a high-output supplemental grow light. You can also use them as additional greenhouse lighting.

The Agrosun Red Sodium bulb is designed to be used in digital ballasts, but can also work with an older style magnetic ballast if needed.

This product is available in:

  • 430W
  • 600W (single bulb or a case of 6)
  • 1000W (single bulb or a case of 6)

Don't worry! These bulbs are packed with care to prevent breaking during shipping.

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