1000W Ushio MH Conversion Lamp

1000W Ushio MH Conversion Lamp

1000W Harvest Pro with Yield Master and HPS Hortilux Bulb

1000W Harvest Pro with Yield Master and HPS Hortilux Bulb

1000W Harvest Pro with Yield Master and Standard HPS Bulb

1000W Harvest Pro with Yield Master and Standard HPS Bulb
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The most popular 1000W grow light combination sold in our stores!

We've grouped this equipment to duplicate what our store customers ask for most often in order to offer it to you online. It includes a 1000W Harvest Pro ballast, a Yield Master II Supreme 6-inch AC reflector and your choice of a 1000W HPS Standard bulb or a 1000W HPS Hortilux bulb.

The perfect setup for growing larger plants in a 5' x 5' area!

1000-watt Harvest Pro Switchable Ballast

The innovative 2-part housing of the Harvest Pro Elite makes it the coolest running remote magnetic ballast in the industry! Sun System paid attention to the details when they designed this superior ballast.

The ballast core occupies its own compartment within the housing. Heat slots and louvers in the aluminum enclosure help remove excess heat from the ballast. The capacitor and ignitor are located in the other compartment to protect them from the heat of the ballast core.

This equipment separation lets the capacitor temperature runs 60º - 65º F COOLER than a single compartment ballast! This significantly adds to the reliability and life of this remote ballast.

The Harvest Pro Elite ballasts have a Power Pointer™ to make it simple to switch from 120 volt to 240 volt power. Simply unplug the detachable 12O volt Smart Volt™ cord (included), turn the Power Pointer™ arrow down for 240 volt power and plug in a 240 volt Smart Volt™ cord (sold separately).

We feel the Harvest Pro Elite is the best quality magnetic ballast made!

Powers HPS or MH bulbs. Carries Sunlight Supply's 5-year rebuild or replace warranty.

Yield Master II Classic 6 AC Reflector

This Sun System Yield Master II Classic 6-inch Air Cooled reflector features gasketed glass and integrated restraint to hold the glass lens tightly in place. The airtight design insures no excessive heat generation into your garden area when properly ducted. No CO2 escape either!

A good choice for grow room enclosures as the 6" built-in air-cooled fittings make for easy heat removal.

The Sun System Yield Master II 6 AC Classic reflector offers 86% reflective German aluminum interior for excellent output and uniformity.

The Yield Master II 6 Classic reflector has a durable white powder coated finish for years of use.

Dimensions: 19" long x 22" wide x 9" high
Weight: 19.5 lbs

1000W Crop Master / Yield Master Combo includes:

  • 1- Crop Master Switchable 1000 watt ballast
  • 1- Yieldmaster Classic 6" AC reflector with glass lens and cordset
  • 1- Standard 1000 watt bulb - or - upgrade to a Hortilux 1000 watt bulb for $65 more.
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