400W Sun Pulse PSMH Lamp - 4K

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400W Sun Pulse PSMH Lamp - 4K

If you grow with a high frequency (22kHz+) electronic or digital ballast, the SunPulse 400W Pulse Start Metal Halide (PSMH) grow lamp is a great choice.

Sun Pulse lamps can grow your garden from start to finish by providing a variety of Kelvin ratings so you can match the light spectrum needed for each phase.

400 watt light spectrum (Kelvin rating) guidelines for non-spinning 1-lamp system:

Seedlings / Cuttings - 4 K Full Spectrum
Vegetative - 6.4 K Day Light Spectrum
Last Week of Vegetative - 4 K Full Spectrum
Flowering / Fruiting - 3 K Red Orange Spectrum
Final Week - 10 K Ultra Blue Spectrum

With single lamp, single spectrum reflector, 3 K Red Orange Spectrum is recommended.

Retail and commercial applications, 4 K Full Spectrum is recommended.

Created by the GAS Technologies group of photo-biologists, plant scientists, mechanical and electrical engineers, gas chemists, and HID lamp designers, these PSMH lamps are designed with accurate solar symmetry for true photochemical reactions in living organisms, greater molecular efficiency in operations, and better color rendering.

Sun Pulse lamps provides you with both high quality materials and workmanship. Approximate life hours = 20,000 hrs, with little color shift or loss of FT-CD output.

Sun Pulse 400W PSMH Lamps have a 2 year warranty against manufacturer defect.

Save 15% when you buy all four spectrums!

All Sunpulse warranty returns have to be processed by the end user (you the customer) directly through Sunpulse. If you have a warranty issue with any Sunpulse lamp, please contact Sunpulse directly for replacement: http://www.sunpulselamps.com/Warranty.html A receipt with the original date of purchase will be required.

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