600W Eye Hortilux Blue Horizontal MH Lamp

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600W Eye Hortilux Blue Horizontal MH Lamp

Eye Hortilux Blue Metal Halide lamps are transforming lighting for the indoor growing community. These lamps are the closest thing you can get to actual sunlight!

With increased energy in 3 different spectrums; the red, blue, and green spectrums, this lamp will provide the optimal energy your plants need to maximize growth and yield of your flowers or fruits and vegetables.

You can now get the bulb used in professional industries like plant physiological research to the pharmacology industry right in your own home!

Eye Hortilux Blue MH Lamp Specs:


  • Lumens - 29,000
  • Measurements - 9.84" Long x 2.17" Wide
  • Use - 12,000 hours


  • Lumens - 39,000


  • Lumens - 80,000
  • Measurements - 15.55" Long x 4.73" Wide
  • Use - 6,000 hours

400W and 1000W are available in cases of 6.

Each size lamp has a mogul base and provides 6500° Kelvin.

Hortilux Blue Metal Halide bulbs are designed for use only on "Hortilux Brand" electronic ballasts, or ANY magnetic ballast. If you send in a failed Hortilux Blue MH bulb for warranty coverage, the manufacturer will test the bulb on a magnetic type ballast. If the returned bulb works on a magnetic ballast, Hortilux will not replace the bulb and it will be returned to you. These are great bulbs, loved and used by many- and they will probably work just fine on any ballast, but if you use them on an "electronic" ballast made by any company other than Hortilux and it fails, Hortilux will not be able to cover it under warranty. Again, this bulb will always be fully covered under warranty when used on any magnetic ballast, or Hortilux brand electronic ballast.

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