Active Aqua 100 Reverse Osmosis System

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Active Aqua 100 Reverse Osmosis System

This three-stage reverse osmosis unit can clean up to 4.2 gallons per hour / 100 gallons per day.

The Active Aqua 100 Reverse Osmosis System is ideal for any fresh water applications, such as drinking, cooking, or hydroponics reservoirs.

Comes complete with:

High efficiency 1-micron sediment pre-filter
Carbon block for VOC (chlorine) reduction
TFC membrane
Shut-off valve
Aluminum mounting bracket
160 PSI pressure gauge marked with operating and unsafe ranges
Filter wrench for easy cartridge replacement
Hose bib feed adaptor

Actuve Aqua in continuously improving their products to give their customers the best possible products they can. Here is a list of some recent, major upgrades made to the 100 Reverse Osmosis System!

  • It now comes with pre-installed membranes!
  • The sediment filters have been upgraded from 1 micron to 5 microns. This increases water flow and decreases the chance of sediment buildup in your system.
  • All units thoroughly burst and leak tested at the manufacturer's facility.

Designed with quick connect fittings for simple installation and maintenance. Clear 10" filter cartridge housings let you monitor the filters visually.

Carries a 1-year limited warranty. Made in the USA.

Hydrofarm ID: AARO100.

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