Agrosun 40W 48-inch T12 Tubes - Case of 6

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Agrosun 40W 48-inch T12 Tubes - Case of 6

Agrosun T12 full spectrum fluorescent tubes are great for germinating seedlings, rooting plant cuttings and growing low-light plants such as African violets, orchids and other small sized houseplants.

These full spectrum tubes fit any standard T12 light fixture so you can turn an ordinary fluorescent light fixture into a grow lamp.

Agrosun Fluorescent tubes produce full spectrum light for healthy plant growth and blooms.


24" Agrosun Tubes - 20W - 975 lumens - 5850° Kelvin

48" Agrosun Tubes - 40W - 2450 lumens - 5850° Kelvin

Each Agrosun T12 fluorescent tube lasts 24,000 hours, making them very economical.

Need an uplift during the winter months? These fluorescents are great for combating S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder) as they burn up to 20% brighter than most others and provide a summer season light spectrum.

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