BioPreta Vermicompost Teapot - 5 quarts

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BioPreta Worm Poop and Charcoal - 5 quarts

The BioPreta Vermicompost Teapot is a blend of worm poop and charcoal that adds organic material to your soil and keeps it there for a very long time! Convert to compost tea for hydroponics use.

It comes in a pail with handle that is intended to be used to make a compost tea with a small part of the contents.

A bucket of BioPreta will make 20 quarts of concentrate for soil use, or about 23 gallons concentrated hydroponics base solution, leaving a sediment of over 2 quarts of richly inoculated biochar, rich in microorganisms.

Application rate:

SOIL (dry) - add the dry contents to your soil 1/4" thick as a side-dressing for rows of plants, around individual plants, in seed rows, or in potting mixes. Stir it into the soil. Covers a 4' x 8' plot

SOIL (tea) - use 1 part tea with 4 parts water for root drench

HYDROPONICS (tea) - use 1 part tea with 50 parts water

When diluted, you get 80 gallons of tea for soil or about 1175 gallons of hydroponics solution from each BioPreta Vermicompost Teapot. Includes instructions for making the compost tea to inoculate the biochar for your soil.

Highly recommended for use in soil or hydroponics.

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