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How to Mix a Batch of Hydroponic Nutrients

We take a minute to show you the ideal way to mix up the perfect patch of nutrients for your hydroponics system.... view article

How to Calibrate a Bluelab pH Meter

BlueLab makes some of the best pH meters on the market. Find out how to calibrate and care for these awesome products.... view article

How to use the CO2 Boost Buddy Bag

The CO2 Boost Buddy Bag is the easiest way to increase the CO2 levels in a grow room with little air flow from outside.... view article

Flo-n-Brew Xtreme Tea Brewer Review

We reviewed this great tea brewer from Flo-n-Brew. It is a complete kit that has everything you need to get started and is perfect for hobby gardeners.... view article

Gavita Improves Lighting Products for all your Growing Needs

Gavita takes the grow room lighting industry seriously. They recently have improved numerous products to make them better for the end user.... view article

Great White Mycorrhizal and Bonsai Trees

Great White Mycorrhizal is a fungus supplement that can benefit any plant. Even delicate Bonsai trees! It's a living addition to you plants that becomes and extension of the root system.... view article

Getting Your Garden Ready For Summer

It's that time of year again where it's time to get your garden ready for summer! We have all the products your need so you can have the best garden possible.... view article

How to Get Rid of Thrips or Fungus Gnats

Rid your garden of thrips and fungus gnats with these two amazing products! Your garden will be clean in no time.... view article

Using MH Lamps on a Ballasts HPS Setting

If you've accidentally turned on your ballast while it's on the HPS setting with a MH bulb installed, you're not alone! Find out why it's OK.... view article

Visit Growco Hydroponics Retail Locations

Stop by a Growco Hydroponics retail location to try out products, pick our brains or just hang out. You can also enjoy all West Michigan has to offer while you're here!... view article

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