Blueprint BOZ-1 Ozone Generator

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Blueprint BOZ-1 Ozone Generator

Need to combat fertilizer odors in your grow room? The Blueprint BOZ-1 Ozone Generator safely eliminates odors using ultraviolet light to change the molecular composition of pollutants in the air.

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule that can be formed by exposing oxygen to ultraviolet light. An oxygen molecule (O2) consists of two bonded oxygen atoms. When an oxygen molecule is exposed to UV light, the two atoms separate, creating ozone molecules (O3).

Ozone has a 15 minute "half-life", meaning it hangs out in the area for 15 minutes after you turn the unit off. We recommend plugging the ozone generator into a timer that will allow you to run cycles (15 minutes on, 15 minutes off), or longer OFF time depending on the severity of your odor issue. Ozone is so good at removing odors, it can take the smell out of flowers, or the flavor out of veggies, so you have to be careful about how you use it around your plants.

At Growco, we like to use ozone in the room outside of the growroom, to eliminate fertilizer odors. Ozone is great at removing smoke, or strong pet smells. It kills mold and mildew in basements, and can eliminate powdery mildew on plants. The smell of ozone can be very strong for some people to be around (especially kids), so keep that in mind when you decide on a spot to run your ozone generator. It's best to run the ozone generator when there are no people or pets in the area.

The wall-mountable Blueprint BOZ-1 is a 120V/60Hz ozone generator that is powerful enough to keep a 5,500 cu ft area smelling fresh. It produces 1050 mg/hr of ozone.

Carries a one-year warranty. Replacement bulbs are available.

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