Bonsai Cut Dressings

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Bonsai Cut Dressings are used to help protect and heal trees after pruning and/or shaping.

Here you'll find cut paste, callus dressing and tree bond.

Bonsai Cut Paste - 6044 White Cap

Bonsai Cut Paste White Cap is a traditional dressing to seal tree wounds against insects, disease, and weather to speed healing, and minimize the shock of wounds when styling Bonsai or repairing branches.

Bonsai Cut Paste - 6044C Green Cap

Joshua Roth Green Cap Bonsai Cut Paste is for use on Conifers and Azaleas and is very popular with experienced bonsaiists.

Joshua Roth Karusmate - 100 g

Similar in use to Shin-Kiyonal, Karusmate callus dressing dries to a greenish-black color to give you a more natural surface.

Joshua Roth Shin-Kiyonal - 100 g

Shin-Kiyonal is a quick drying sealant and grafting aid that contains insecticides and fungicides to help prevent Bonsai distress.

Joshua Roth Tree Bond - 50 g

Joshua Roth Tree Bond (#6042) is a putty-colored cut dressing from Masakuni that is used for gluing broken branches.
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