Bonsai Tool Kits

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These Joshua Roth Bonsai tool kits give you the basic tools needed for a specific level of expertise or usage.

You'll notice a slight savings over buying these tools individually.

Bonsai tool kit - Novice Plus - JR 9902B

A Novice Plus tool kit to start your collection of quality Joshua Roth Bonsai tools. The JR 9902B tool kit gives you the basic tools needed to care for your Bonsai.

Bonsai tool kit, Intermediate - JR 9904

This Bonsai tool kit is an ideal way to start your intermediate-grade Bonsai tool collection.

Bonsai tool kit, Professional - JR 9905

This Professional-Grade Bonsai tool kit is the perfect way to start your advanced level Bonsai tool collection.
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