Bonzai Rotating Hydroponics Systems

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Bonzai Rotating Hydroponics Systems

These compact rotating gardens will grow an unprecedented number of plants in a very small space. The BONSAI is actually an ebb & flow system on steroids.

The cylinder makes a complete rotation around the light once every hour, and the plants get watered for about 10 minutes each as many times per day as required. Uses inexpensive Rockwool blocks.

The beauty of this system is that the plants are constantly experiencing the stress of their own weight with the uniformity of close, cool intense light, growing short and compact for better nutrient uptake.

Bonzai 120 uses one light. Dimensions: 32" D x 62" W x 66" H.

Bonzai 240 lets you choose either the stationary two light system. Dimensions are 50" D x 62" W x 54" H.

Bonzai 360 uses two lights. Dimensions: 68" D x 62" W x 64" H. Ballasts and bulbs NOT included with the Bonzai rotating gardens. They work best with any HID bulb range from 400 or 1000 watt.

Ballasts and bulbs NOT included.

The manufacturer recommends running these hydro systems at 75% of the maximum number of plants that will fit. By giving the plants room to spread out a bit, your plants will be happier, healthier, and more productive.

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