Botanicare Clone Machine 25

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Botanicare Clone Machine 25

Botanicare Clone Machine 25 utilizes the aeroponic growth method to successfully produce up to 25 plant clones quickly and economically.

No need for net cups! The Clone Machine 25 lets you place the reusable neoprene insers directly into its lid.

Simply dip your plant cutting into a rooting compound, then run the machine for 24 hour periods until roots appear. If you prefer, use cloning solution in the water rather than using a rooting compound. Either way, you'll see roots in 3 - 10 days!

This 25 Plant Clone Machine works most efficiently when you provide 16 -18 hours of fluorescent lighting.

The Clone Machine 25 aeroponics system comes complete with:

H-Style Manifold
190 GPH Mag Drive Pump
Seven 330° sprayers
Twenty-five 1-5/8" Neoprene inserts
Power cord grommet
4 oz Power Clone Solution Rooting Solution
8 oz AquaShield Compost Solution

The reservoir is made from high density Poly Ethylene for long life.

Dimensions: 12.75" wide x 12.75" deep x 11.25" high

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