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CAN 75 Filter

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CAN 150 Filter
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Can-Filters set the standard in the marketplace. You can feel confident that you are getting the best quality of in-line exhaust fan filter for your growroom or greenhouse. Can-Filters can handle the tough odors of organic fertilizers used in greenhouses or with indoor gardening.

Can-Filters use a custom specified Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon (CKV4) to insure the longest possible performance. A single Can-Filter will successfully eliminates odors for up to 18 months. It comes with pre-filter to remove the dust in the air so it won't contaminate the carbon.

For general use, Can-Filters are ideal for tackling the problem of allergies in a living area that are due to pollen. Effective treatment requires the exchange of air in the growing or living area in a period of 5 minutes. Use the total cubic feet to be filtered and divide this number by 5 to determine the proper filter size needed.


CAN 2600 FILTER: 42 CFM - Dimensions: 18" long x 5.5" wide - Weight: 11 lbs.

CAN 9000 FILTER: 55 CFM - Dimensions: 25" long x 5.5" wide - Weight: 14 lbs.

CAN 33 FILTER: 200 CFM - Dimensions: 13" long x 12" wide - Weight: 27 lbs.

CAN 50 FILTER: 420 CFM - Dimensions: 19.7" long x 16.5" wide - Weight: 55 lbs.

CAN 66 FILTER: 412 CFM - Dimensions: 26" long x 12" wide - Weight: 46 lbs.

CAN 75 FILTER: 600 CFM - Dimensions: 29.5" long x 16.5" wide - Weight: 79 lbs.

CAN 100 FILTER: 840 CFM - Dimensions: 39.4" long x 16.5" wide - Weight: 106 lbs.

CAN 150 FILTER: 1260 CFM - Dimensions: 60" long x 16.5" wide - Weight: 156 lbs.

NOTE: Cleaning or replacing the pre-filter regularly will help extend the life of your Can-Filter.

Does NOT include flange. If you need a flange, you can find them here.

If "Shipping Applies" it means the item is either oversized or heavyweight and you will be charged shipping. Email us for a quick and easy shipping quote! (Tell us which Can-Fan/Can-Filter Combo you need plus your zip code.) Learn more here.

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