CAN 66 Combo (8-inch CAN fan, filter, flange) - Oversized Shipping Applies

CAN 66 Combo (8-inch CAN fan, filter, flange)

CAN 100 Combo (8-inch HO CAN fan, filter, flange) - Oversized Shipping Applies

CAN 100 Combo (8-inch HO CAN fan, filter, flange)

CAN 75 Combo (8-inch HO CAN fan, filter, flange)

CAN 75 Combo (8-inch HO CAN fan, filter, flange)
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Can-Fans and Can-Filters are tried and true products that set the standard in the marketplace. You can feel confident that you are getting the best quality of in-line exhaust fan and filter for your growroom, greenhouse, or living area.

Can-Fans are engineered to pair with the matching Can-Filters to give true CFM. Our Can-Fan / Can-Filter packages INCLUDE the in-line exhaust fan, appropriate carbon filled filter, pre-filter, foam gasket and flange.

Can-Fans are constructed with a heavy-duty powder coated steel housing and include a grounded power cord (connection required). Can-Filters are high quality, no maintenance, carbon air filter for the ultimate in air purification, particulate removal and extreme odor control, up to 99.5%.

Can-Fans are compact, quiet and offer easy installation. They are certified to CSA and UL standards and a complete 5 year manufacturer's warranty.

Can-Filters can handle the tough odors of organic fertilizers used in greenhouses or indoor gardening, or for general use and they are ideal for tackling the problem of allergies due to pollen.

Can-Filters uses a custom specified Virgin Activated Coal Based Carbon (CKV4) to insure longest possible performance. They offer consistent performance, long life (12 to 18 months), and are completely maintenance free.

Rated for continuous operation, Can Fans can be utilized in either commercial or residential applications. Mounting bracket is included.

Taking into consideration that when a filter is added to a fan, the CFM is going to drop because of the resistance factor. Here are the CFM ratings for the Can-Fan / Can-Filter combos:

CAN 2600 Combo - 56 CFM
CAN 33 Combo - 178 CFM
CAN 50 Combo - 312 CFM
CAN 66 Combo - 365 CFM
CAN 75 Combo - 550 CFM
CAN 100 Combo - 600 CFM
CAN 150 Combo - 888 CFM

Effective treatment requires the exchange of air in the growing or living area in a period of 5 minutes. Use the total cubic feet to be filtered and divide this number by 5 to determine the proper filter size needed - the proper fan size is included.

If "Shipping Applies" it means the item is either oversized or heavyweight and you will be charged shipping. Email us for a quick and easy shipping quote! (Tell us which Can-Fan/Can-Filter Combo you need plus your zip code.) Learn more here.

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