CANNA Substra Vega Part A and B - 1 liter each soft water

CANNA Substra Vega Part A and B - 1 liter each soft water

CANNA Substra Flores Part A and B - 5 liter each soft water

CANNA Substra Flores Part A and B - 5 liter each soft water

CANNA Coco Coir - 50L / 11.35 gallon bag

CANNA Coco Coir - 50L / 11.35 gallon bag
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CANNA Coco substrate is 100% organic and consists of fine fibers with uniform structure. This loose coco grow media is free from viruses and soil diseases.

One thing we immediately noticed is that CANNA Coco does not compress - it keeps its shape. We tried to compact in our hand and it simply sprang back to its original volume!

You use this pre-buffered grow medium as is, with no additives, and no pre-treatment. It takes up water perfectly and holds it well.

CANNA Coco substrate has an excellent water (73%) to air (23%) ratio that encourages strong root formation and powerful plant growth. It contains 45% cellulose, giving it long-lasting physical properties. It also combines the tolerance and organic nature of soil, with the feeding precision of growing in hydroponics.

You can re-use Canna coco coir! Double the dose of Cannazym for the last one or two weeks of growing, then once your crop is finished, pull out the plants, along with their root system, then give the coco fiber a double-dose thorough watering of the Cannazym. Let the Coco drain and sit for 24 hours before replanting in the same container. You can do this up to 3 times without any problems or conflicting of nutrients. (Do not re-use infested materials.)

CANNA Coco has no chemical additives and is made from coconuts grown in Sri Lanka. There is no sterilization so it retains its natural sponge-like qualities as well as the natural, beneficial fungi. This is the reason why CANNA Coco is so successful as far as root development, growth and re-use are concerned. CANNA Coco also utilizes an exclusive fresh water process for soaking and rinsing to insure a salt free finished product!

CANNA Coco coconut grind complies with the highest rHP (Commercial potting soil regulation) standards. Plastic packaging is recyclable.

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