CANNA Substra Vega A - 1 liter soft water

CANNA Substra Vega A - 1 liter soft water

CANNA PK 13/14 - 1 liter

CANNA PK 13/14 - 1 liter

CANNA PK 13/14 - 5 liter

CANNA PK 13/14 - 5 liter
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CANNA PK 13/14 was developed to stimulate the flowering phase of fast growing plants. This high grade mixture of phosphorus and potassium allows your plants to lavishly flower and fruit.

PK 13/14 can be used with every growing medium. It easily dissolves and can be used on soil, in recirculatory systems, when growing with coco and in run-to-waste systems. Its suitable for use both indoors and outdoors!

Phosphorous (P) is a major nutritional element for every plant. It plays a key role in metabolism and energy transfer. Extra phosphorous is needed in the flowering phase. Phosphorous strengthens cell formation in flowers.

Potassium (K) is essential for transporting water and nutrition. It is also responsible for your plant's quality, rigidity and sugar production. Potassium ensures that your plants can produce enough sugars during flowering as they are essential for the development of the flowers.

Application rate:

Use 15 ml (about 0.51 oz) per gallon water (1:666 ratio).
Use for only one week.
Shake well before using.
Read label for further directions.

NOTE: CANNA Boost Accelerator enhances plant metabolism and has a strengthening effect on PK 13/14.

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