CANNA Substra Flores B - 1 liter soft water

CANNA Substra Flores B - 1 liter soft water

CANNA Terra Vega - 1 liter

CANNA Terra Vega - 1 liter

Cannazym - 0.25 liter / 8.45 oz

Cannazym - 0.25 liter / 8.45 oz
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CANNA Cannazym stimulates the break down of dead root material through the use of 12 different kinds of enzymes. It also contains vitamins and desert plant extracts to help activate beneficial micro-organisms.

In a healthy plant, roots regularly die and new roots are created. The remains of the dead roots are a magnet for harmful pathogenic organisms and once they get established your plants will likely become stressed and could possibly perish.

Cannazyme quickly converts dead roots into minerals and sugars that feed your plants. This process also creates a balanced air flow in the grow substrate allowing consistant access of air and water to the roots.

By keeping your plants root system clean and healthy Cannazym improves absorption of nutrients while increasing resistance against pathogenic organisms.

Cannazyme contains several easy-to-absorb vitamins that stimulate your plant to form new roots. This enzyme formula is ideal when reusing growing substrates as root remains are rapidly broken down and transformed into advantageous nutrients.

Application rate:

Use 25 ml (about 0.85 oz) per gallon water (1:400 ratio).
Apply continuously - minimum once a week.
Shake well before using.
Read label for further directions.

NOTE: Do not use with products containing hydrogen peroxide.

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