Case: 30 A-OK Starter Plug Sheets

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Case: 30 A-OK Starter Plug Sheets

A-OK Starter Plugs are designed for starting seeds and plant clones. They come in a sheet that fits any standard 10" x 20" flat.

Each A-OK Starter Plug has a pre-formed hole to insure easy seed or plant cutting placement. The V-shape design of this plug discourages tangling between the plugs, so roots are less prone to be damaged when you separate them for transplanting.

Simply wait for your plant roots to penetrate the bottom of each plug, then transplant into a larger stonewool cube or block. A-OK Starter Plugs can also be transplanted directly into soil, indoors or outdoors. Since stonewool (rockwool) maintains it's shape, there's no mess when transplanting!

Horticultural stonewool is widely recognized as an ideal growing substrate. Grodan is known for its high-end quality, consistency and performance.


1.5" x 1.5" x 1.5" - sheet of 98 plugs
Case of 30 sheets = 2940 plugs

2" x 2" x 2" - sheet of 50 plugs
Case of 30 sheets = 1500 plugs

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