Starter Plugs and Trays

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Plant Cloning basics to get you started.

Trays with starter plugs are your solution for plant propagation or seed germination.

You'll also find heat mats and peat pots here.

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A-OK Starter Plug Sheet

A-OK Starter Plugs are designed for starting seeds and plant clones. They come in a sheet that fits any standard 10" x 20" flat.
$10.99 - $12.69

BLACK Propagation Tray NO Holes 10 x 20 inch

Black Standard Flat Trays have NO drainage holes and conveniently stack when not in use.

BLACK propagation tray WITH holes 10 x 20 inch

Black 10 X 20 Standard Flat Trays WITH drainage holes that conveniently stack when not in use.

Case: 30 A-OK Starter Plug Sheets

A-OK Starter Plugs are designed for starting seeds and plant clones. They come in a sheet that fits any standard 10" x 20" flat.
$299.81 - $346.15

Europonic Rockwool Conditioner

Europonic Rockwool Conditioner is a growing media conditioner that neutralizes the pH level of rockwool to provide maximum nutrient uptake to your plants.
$15.25 - $33.95

Germination Station

Plant seeds need specific levels of heat and moisture to successfully sprout and grow into healthy seedlings.

Gro-Smart Tray Insert

The Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert was designed to hold any of the popular Grodan starter stonewool options.

Grodan Growcubes

Growcubes are small 1/4-inch cubes of stonewool (rockwool). They're made of the same high-quality stonewool as larger Grodan cubes and slabs, but these miniature sized Growcubes fit any container size or shape.
$41.74 - $82.77

Grodan Macroplugs

Macroplugs are great for plant cloning or starting seedlings.
$11.25 - $328.25

Grodan Mini-blocks

The starter Mini-blocks from Grodan are popular for seed and plant cutting propagation. The fibrous structure of the Starter Mini-blocks creates an ideal air-to-water ratio that encourages robust root development.
$8.74 - $359.15

HF Seedling Heat Mat

Increase the success rate of your seedlings and plant cuttings with a Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat.
$22.95 - $41.60

Hot House with heat mat

Give your plant seeds the warm, moist environment needed to increase the germination rate.

Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets

Jiffy-7 Peat Pellets are the convenient, no-mess way to start flower and vegetable seeds and cuttings.
$3.50 - $107.95

Jump Start Digital Heat Mat Controller

The Hydrofarm Jump Start Digital Heat Mat Controller is a digital temperature controller for the heat mats used under plant trays.

Jump Start Peat Pellets - 36 pack

These fast-expanding, earth-friendly peat pellets are the refills used with the Hydrofarm Jump Start Pellet Greenhouses.

Jumpstart 12 Pellet Window Greenhouse kit

The Jumpstart 12 Pellet Window Greenhouse is perfect for germinating flower, herb and vegetable seeds.

Mondi Mini Greenhouse Dome with Vents

The Mondi Mini Greenhouse is a seven inch tall dome that fits any 10 X 20 nursery tray.

Quad Thick Trays

Quad Thick Trays: Quad Thick Trays are literally four times thicker than regular 1020 nursery trays.

Rapid Rooter replacements plugs

If you use the General Hydroponics Rapid Rooter Tray, you will need 50 of these replacement plugs for your next growing season.
$14.25 - $179.95

Rapid Rooter Tray with Plugs

The Rapid Rooter Kit comes with a 50-cell plug tray and includes grow plugs.
$19.95 - $37.95

ReadyGro Super Plugs - case of 1400

Ready Gro Super Plugs have the consistency of a sponge-like material. These biodegradable and 100% organic soilless grow plugs are made of composted tree bark and other organic materials.

Redi-Heat Professional Propagation Heat Mat

Provide a steady supply of heat to transplants, plant cuttings and clones with a Redi-Heat Professional Propagation Mat.
$139.95 - $529.95

Redi-Heat Professional Propagation Mat AND Thermostat

Growers can provide a consistent supply of heat to transplants, cuttings or clones using a commercial-grade Redi-Heat Professional Propagation Mat.

Redi-Heat Professional Propagation Thermostat

This mechanical-style heat mat thermostat provides up to 1800 watts of power.

Root Riot Cube Tray with Clonex

Made from composted organic materials, Root Riot starter cubes have a great spongy texture which retains the perfect air-to-water ratio for healthy, rapid root growth.

Root Riot Cubes

Suitable for both plant cuttings and seed germination, Root Riot Cubes give you faster, more vigorous rooting results.
$15.25 - $24.95

Round Jiffy Peat Pot - 4-inch

Round Jiffy Peat Pots decompose right into the soil, so there's no risk of root damage because you don't remove the plant from the peat pot.

Standard Flat Dome

This Standard Flat Dome covers any 10 X 20 nursery tray to turn it into a mini greenhouse.

Super Sprouter 2 Tray Heat Mat

Place your propagation trays end to end with the Super Sprouter 2 Tray Heating Mat and improve you success rate of seedlings and cuttings.

Super Sprouter Thermostat

With its precise settings, the Super Sprouter Thermostat lets you contol the seedling heat mat temperature to easily dial in the ideal seedling germination temperature.

Supernatural Super Soak - 100 g

Supernatural Super Soak (previously known as Rockwool Soak) is an acid buffer that does not contain ammonia, so there's no worry of your plants getting burned.
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