Hydrofarm Starter Plugs and Trays

Germination Station

Plant seeds need specific levels of heat and moisture to successfully sprout and grow into healthy seedlings.

HF Seedling Heat Mat

Increase the success rate of your seedlings and plant cuttings with a Hydrofarm Seedling Heat Mat.
$22.95 - $41.60

Hot House with heat mat

Give your plant seeds the warm, moist environment needed to increase the germination rate.

Jump Start Digital Heat Mat Controller

The Hydrofarm Jump Start Digital Heat Mat Controller is a digital temperature controller for the heat mats used under plant trays.

Jump Start Peat Pellets - 36 pack

These fast-expanding, earth-friendly peat pellets are the refills used with the Hydrofarm Jump Start Pellet Greenhouses.

Jump Start Windowsill Heat Mat

The Hydrofarm Jump Start windowsill heat mat is perfect for germinating seeds or growing small plants next to your windows.

Jumpstart 12 Pellet Window Greenhouse kit

The Jumpstart 12 Pellet Window Greenhouse is perfect for germinating flower, herb and vegetable seeds.
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