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The Coliseum will help increase the light you can capture, reduce your water usage and can be more energy efficient than most flat hydroponic systems by being able to reuse the hydroponic media. It accomplishes all this with its unique cylindrical design.

The Probio Coliseum is vertical garden that is made up of individual sections and has 300 plant sites. You can stack numerous Probio Coliseum's together to have all the space you need to to grow your plants. When you stack modules you increase your total growing area by being able to grow from floor to ceiling.

The cylindrical shape of The Coliseum allows for practically 100% your light to convert to plant growth by being able to wrap your garden around your growing lights. Additionally, this product is a small plant system which means that more of the lights energy will be used by the flower rather than vegetation. You can double your yield with a traditional 3000 watt system and because you can stack units together. You can increase the yield by four times with the same floor space your currently have by stacking units.

The Coliseum is produced by Westside Technologies and is manufactured with the highest standards available. You may see some curves in the surface of the material, but this is common when an item is produced through rotational molding. This will not affect the assembly of function of the product.

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This system will be sent to a shipping terminal to be held for pickup. We get them as close as possible to your physical address for your convenience. We do this for a number of reasons (privacy), but mainly because it's much cheaper to ship them this way. If you absolutely need to have the system delivered to your home or business, we can arrange for this as well. As soon as the system reaches the terminal, the trucking company will call you to arrange for pickup.

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