Concave Branch Cutters, Small Professional - JR 2169

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Concave Branch Cutters, Small Professional - JR 2169

The Joshua Roth 2169 Concave Branch Cutter is ideal for working with small to medium sized Bonsai trees and is particularly well suited for smaller hands.

Known in Japan as Mataeda Hasami, this razor sharp Concave Branch Cutter is designed for cutting Bonsai branches flush to the trunk. The resulting wound can then heal over quickly with little scarring.

The Concave Branch Cutter is the single most important tool for Bonsai use and for which there is no substitute.

This professional grade cutter is a durable, high-quality Japanese crafted tool, designed for the heavy use of advanced bonsai enthusiasts.

Joshua Roth tools are warranted to be of the highest quality materials and workmanship for a period of three years after purchase.

Dimensions: 3/4" blades, 6-3/4" overall length

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