Connoisseur Part A & B

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Connoisseur Part A & B

Advanced Nutrients pH Perfect Connoisseur will give you unequaled performance from your garden. This new formula automatically creates the perfect pH level for your plants. No more meters or pH adjusters needed!

What makes pH Perfect Connoisseur stand out among other nutrients is its co-factors, stimulators, amino acids, bloom nutrients, and potency-boosting components, which enable it to produce great results when using it to feed fruit producing plants, herbs, orchids, roses, and vegetables. Gardeners using Connoisseur get larger harvests of better quality flowers, fruits, herbs and vegetables.

The ingredients in pH Perfect Connoisseur strengthen and stimulate plant systems to increase cellular energy and replication so you get much bigger yields. It contains specific classes of poly amino alcohols and other ingredients that help strengthen and stimulate plant cell energry and replication. It also encourages more vigorous earlier flowering and maturation while stimulating production of volatile oils, aromatics and other compounds that give crops their taste, aroma and medicinal qualities.

Because pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR has been proven so effective at getting you bigger, heavier yields, Advanced Nutrients recommends you take the following precautions in your grow room and cropping practices:

Typically, your plants may require additional support to help keep branches from sagging excessively under the significantly increased weight loads common with pH Perfect CONNOISSEUR grown plants.

You may require increased levels of air circulation through the plant canopy as your crops mature because of the higher amount of densely packed floral clusters in a given area.

Additions of plant-available silicate through application of Rhino Skin will help to strengthen plant stems for heavy weight loads as well as improving the crop's resistance to rots and mildews that can infect heavy and dense floral clusters and fruits.

This 2-part formula gives you control over a wide variety of plant mechanisms. Whether you use them as a stand-alone nutrient, or in addition to your existing fertilizer program, pH Perfect Connoisseur Part A and Part B mixtures can be varied according to your particular garden needs and the unique growing conditions of your growing area.

Sold in sets - one each Part A and Part B.

Advanced Nutrients' pH Perfect Technology is a real game changer for growers. See it in action:

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