What do our customers say about Growco?

"growco number one in my book great service and great staff"

"Thank you for your fast shipping and hope everyone is having a great summer. Remember it starts with pure Michigan"

"You guys are awesome!"

"I have ordered alot ... and I think ur the best online hydro shop."

"You guys are fricken' awesome! Always have what I need at a good price. Truely a blessing!"

"Always amazed at how well you guys pack this stuff!! Best in the business! Thank you!"

"I just wanted to say, your shipping department does the best job packaging & boxing!"

"Thanks again for worry free transactions and a hell of a choice"

"I only trust you guys to do it right."

"You guys are the greatest .... shipping is prompt and discreet."

"Thanks for being areas #1 grow shop. not many are worth a $hit. Thanks for the years of great service both online and in store."

"... I always Like buying from you guys... Always fast and accurate."

"But you guys are the best.. customer service.. and how fast you get the product to the customer...thats why I always come back. Thank you"

"Your service is incredible. Shipping is discrete and fast. You carry a wonderful line of products and saved me hundreds on shipping. Thank you"

"I'll tell you why I come back to your store time and time again, and always recommend your store to my friends. I've tried a couple other large online retailers, and no one comes close to the professional and quick service I get from Growco. You guys consistently ship your orders faster, package better, and on the rare occasion that I've ever had a problem I've been able to talk to someone and get it sorted out fast."

"Tell Wendi she is doing a great job getting the packages out and packed well. The boxes were in such good shape, I used them to mail the ballasts. She really is doing a good job. Thanks for everything."

"Just wanted to thank you for running a great company. I absolutely love doing business with you... Thank you again."

"As you can see your wonderful customer support with the last order has made me your repeat customer"

"You guys are awesome. I appreciate how quickly you get my orders out. Can't Thank you enough. Very good service.... i have mentioned it to my friends. Thanks again. "

"Thanks For Awesome Service... "

"ordered from you guys last time and shipping was great ... and i loved how you took care in packing, nothing broke."

"Just wanted to say you guys always do a great job for us. Thanks"

"Just want to thank-you for the fantastic and fast service you provided. I returned a ppm-1c that was not working and I received one from you today. Again just wanted to thank all of you for the great service you provide. I am a cust(omer) for life."

"... but always buy from you and only you for my horticulture needs!"

"Hey you guys thanks for years of great service! BTW went to the new store on west river drive about 3 weeks ago to buy more spidermite ...I like the store"

"you guys had the best price match with my cart compared to others as usual :)"

"very happy with your prompt service will be using you guys a lot in the future."

"Just wanted to give a shout out to Steve at W.R.D. (West River Drive store) He was very helpful. We don't know everything there is to know but we know enough... Steve was very knowledgeable. He didn't talk down to us like we were stupid. Prices are the best in Grand Rapids! Thanks for your help Steve!"

"Love you guys. always have everything i need big or small :)."

"Thanks for the great service, your help on the phone picking the right light was super of you!"

"I recently ordered from you and would like to thank you for your quality service."

"A few days back, I made the comment to ... that we have not been able to correct this gnat thing, and we haven't even contacted our grow guru (YOU). Well ... contacted you, we did the Microbe Lift process you described, last nite, and went out there today,,,,, and there isn't a sight of one single gnat!!!! Man your a genius!!!! Thanks so much and just saying that seems so minimal, dude your number one in our book..."

"I greatly appreciate your privacy conditions. I just recently ordered from another/different shop and it was broadcasted all over the box's from a garden & lighting store. UPS driver actually asked me what I ordered. My last order from you, I believe just a persons name was on the box, plus return address... Thank you"

"The last order was perfect...fast as usual... Thank you very much."

"I want to tell all of you , that you are simply the best at what you do, so keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!!! Love all your products, and the best shipping department, also great support for all things gardening... you have really created a great team, and will continue to buy from you for all these reasons"

"I just wanted to drop a line and say how well Amanda does with customer service. I bought a high ticket item and she was in continuous contact throughout the process. When the supplier was unable to deliver, she found a very workable alternative. She must be a real asset to your company."

"I always look foward to putting an order in with you all, thanks for the great service :)"

"The ladies you have working for you have done a very nice job of packaging my things in the past, and they seem super cool and really nice, judging from the notes they have left in my packages about my orders. I appreciate that! I also appreciate the great service and prices you have given me over the years. It gives me some peace of mind knowing that you can get just about anything I need at the best price, and usually free shipping on top of that. I'm guessing that's why Growco is Number 1."

"Great site setup. Love ya guys. Go hydro !!"

"Your service was excellent... I normally keep my supplies ahead and with a 2 day delivery window from Growco there is no need to get excited! I am super pleased with your service, prices and humongous inventory. Your free shipping on orders over 250.00 won me over from a company I have ordered from for 25 yrs!!! Thanks for the concern over my order & I really appreciate the fact you took the time to contact me!"


"Hi Jay And Co., just a quick note to thank you for the generous free samples of Ralphs Essentials...I put the bloom enhancer to work right away and am looking forward to using the R &V stuff soon too. you guys really have taken good care of my orders and im wicked happy with your quality and prices. im gonna let the folks on ... know what a great bunch of folks you all are....hope it generates some biz for you...You’ve got my Business, thanks again"

"Thanks for another order! Just ordered another order online. Just a ballast and a few odds & ends. You guys rock!"

"Great Site! Thanks for all the info. Also, can't forget to mention the LOW prices."

"I want say thank you for outstanding service. Back in Nov. 2010 I added a note to my order ... add 3 trays @$1.25 each. I got the order with a note say not in stock at this time. Well in
Dec. 2010 I get the trays 5 of them I was never charged for trays or shipping , well anyway thank you , I really like do business with good professional folks like you. 
I'm not going say any name but before I found you I was buying from a store in Riverside CA. Every order I placed a week later my card was hit ... each time but this happen 4 time and each time had to get new card . You folk have always been good discount the shipping & help with products , Thanks again"

"thanks you guys are the best!"

"Happy New Year Please ... Thank you very much, you guys are the BEST!"

"love your store, will come back again soon"

"Jay / staff - thanks again for great service. .. Hope all had a great holiday. Happy New 

"Merry Christmas, still with you after all these years bro, keep up the good work...
Other places have cheaper prices (not much) but with the free shipping and the fast and awesome service its worth it..."

"You guys are still the best hydro shop on the net after many years of ordering!
You should open up a shop in Colorado............."

"Keep up the great work."

"I can’t wait to flower with HPS. Will keep the New Wave T5HO in my DR120W for vegetation. Looking for that “growth explosion” I’ve been reading about & drooling over. Indoor horticulture is a very interesting, stimulating & satisfying hobby. All vegetarians should get hip to this. My grocery bill is a fraction of what it was. Just because Jersey tomatoes are famous, doesn’t mean they’re cheap! Thank you, Growco, for making the tools available & providing knowledge for this great hobby. Keep up the good work. I will always refer you to others."

"thanks again wendi & friends!!"

"I'm happy with everything i have received so far thank you"

"Thanks for the quick shipping, no hassle, fair pricing, shopping experience!"

"I always appreciate your fast shipping and excellent customer service."

"always happy to do business with you , have ordered many items and service is always good...thanks jay and clint for your answers to all my questions"

"Thanks so much for the outstanding support and products, and have a great day! Wendi and Amanda are GRADE AAAA alltheway! :)"

"Every order from the site has come very quickly and all been shipped the right way. I appreciate your shipping method and will continue to do business with you."

"Thank you for your help"

"u guys do good business and im growco 4 life"

"Thanks again for the service. Will be coming back."

"I just wanted to say thank you to Jay and the rest of your team at Growco. You have a awesome selection for any growing need, and if you do not have something you will do your best to get products upon request. I recently asked about a nutrient supplement that was not on your site yet and you had it in only 7 days later. Not only do you have a huge selection and 5 star customer service, you have got the best shipping prices on the net. I will only shop with Growco in the future as it cost about the same amount of money buying gas and driving 45 min to the closest store (who does not carry half of the nutes that I am looking for) or having everything shipped to my door."

"I just recently received my shipment from you guys , perfect timing and perfect packing, thanks again !!!"

"First and most importantly, ***thank you*** for your help in the past. I've really gotten a good foothold on indoor gardening thanks to you and your site!"

Hello I'm placing another order with your company because of your fast shipping and great customer service!"

"Still the best hydro shop on the net!"

"Once again thanks for great service."

"Jay, just wanted to say thanks for the recommendation and excellent service. The nutrients you suggested (Supernatural Brand) did just what I asked for. My PH is now VERY stable and buffered correctly. If you have unruly source water with bad PH levels, this is the stuff you need for sure! 
Can't thank you enough for helping fix this problem and made my plants happy again!"

"You guys are great and ship quickly, that's why I keep on ordering from here. Keep up the good work. thanks."

"Thanks-After trying (unsuccessfully) several other solutions and the advice of several other "experts" available to me locally. I previously ordered your Thrip Control package (dunks, spray) and had total success with it. To show my appreciation I am throwing some of my business your way. I have always believed in 
helping those who help me. I appreciate your spot on advice. Thanks for everything!"

"wow damn good price on the lights man helps us poor folks out"

"you guys always do a GREAT job, thanks again!"

"I was very impressed with your service on the first one, so here's another order!"

"Thanks! Best deal on the net."

"Great job on my last order for being so discreet....Thanks"

"I appreciate all the great service."

"thanks for the easy to use website, with a great selection !!!!"

"You guys rock. I'll spread the good word online and get you some more business."

"Thanks, I've ordered from you a few times and appreciate the fine service."

"Thanks again, what can I say you're the greatist."

"Thanks for All the help that you guys have given me!!!!!!!"

"I wanted to say I was blown away with the knowledge, friendliness, helpfulness, honesty and overall service from your staff. My local shops lacked in the expert advice and selection I wanted, so now I drive 2 and a half hours to you, and look forward to it! I went into your store a bit confused and not expecting much, and came out confident and feeling I left a dreamland of good advice, people, and products. I smiled for at least the first 30 miles home. Once home I implemented all the great stuff that was recommended to me and it all work flawlessly, and its just what I needed. I was shocked to be told I didn't need a couple things, I thought I did! Where else are people that honest? I am sure my indoor garden will get better every crop and Appreciate the time that was taken with me, to educate me on things I needed to know. All this and prices that are below ALL my local shops and most places on the net. I found most places on the net with low prices, you can leave a message and hope they get back to you to take your money, and hopefully send you the right stuff, since evidently they are too bust to take a order that takes 2 days to ship out. Like a kid in a candy store, I still managed to spend a bit more than perhaps I should of, when asked at home about it, I replied "Look, I could of gave them the money and got NO products, and the info I got would have been worth it" Good defense, I recommend it. If anyone is a bit confused with all the hydro systems, and other gadgetry involved in this hobby they should stop by and see it all in action! Well, thank you, and hope you and yours are doing well."

"As always, thanks again guys for providing awesome products at a great price!"

"...And by the way…love your online hydro store – prices, products, everything! You’ve quickly become my favorite place to shop. Keep up the good work!"

"Also, I thought you might like to know that your prices beat everybody else's I saw - at both online stores and eBay auctions - and your offer of free shipping is like frosting on the cake. Thanks in advance!"

"Growco RULES!"

"Hi. I'm so happy I found your store online. Your prices are much better than my local stores. If this purchase goes well, I'll be placing much larger ones in the near future. Thanks again."

"Thank you for running such a great site with lower prices than most anyone I've seen on the net and with a great selection of products. If all goes well with the order I'll be buying from you guys exclusively in the near future."

"Jay, I wanted to take the time to thank you for the promptness, accuracy and excellent service I was given during my recent order. A friend of mine suggested your company and I am glad he did."

"I will be placing many more orders in the future. Thanks for the great deals!"

"We appreciate all your help, we feel we have found our supplier for all our growing business needs, thank you again for being there."

"Great shipping last time, keep it up! I liked that all logos and lettering on the packages were covered."

"i have stopped shopping anywhere else. "

"Hey I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate doing business with you! I especially like the wadded up paper instead of packing peanuts. Those peanuts drive me crazy because they stick to everything with a static charge and there's usually lots of little particles of the stuff too. Please keep using the paper if you can! ...I always get my orders faster when I order from you as opposed to any other online store. And the free shipping over 250 is awesome! Thanks for doing a great job!"

"Hands down the best hydro shop on the net. Thank you!"

"Thanks for your willingness to take care of me in such a prompt and thorough manner!"

"I was so happy with my first order I shouldn't have been greedy and gone for the cheaper company, it turns out, with what I save in shipping with yall, you are much cheaper after all. Will never get anything from another store but you again."

"My last order was perfect jay. Thanks. You guys are the best."

"I am hooked on your fantastic service... love the galaxy ballast you recommended , order came quick."

"Thanks a lot for the great service!"

"Just wanted to say thanks for sending my orders so quickly and for replacing the pot that was damaged in shipping. The last order arrived damage free. Nice Job!"

"Great site with fair prices. Keep up the good work!!"

"I appreciate your help and the quick shipping. Have a great one."

"Thank you for answering my questions on your toll free phone number. He was very helpful."

"Thanks for the great service"

"... awesome website ... so easy to use!"

"Thanks for all the great service!"

"Thank you for great prices and quick shipping."

"u guys always have everything; i've lost track of the number of times i've ordered from your company; keep up the great work!"

"You guys rock"

"Thanks once again for your excellent service!"

"Thanks for providing quality products and great customer service! As always, it's a pleasure doing business with you."

"You provided excellent service and the grow bags which I need for growing veggies on my porch. Also, thanks for the magazine. I’ve turned several people onto your site."

"Repeat customer, thanks for your awesome service previously!!!!!!"

"Thank you for the intelligent info when I called, you were very helpful."

"I have never done business with anyone who has such incredibly fast delivery at such fair prices."

"So far everything that I have purchased from you has been received very promptly.
I also must say that your staff is very friendly and with a quick response."

"Enjoy your easy to use web site...repeat customer"

"Dear Growco,
You guys deserve my thanks. My items were packaged extremely well, your customer service was excellent, and the prices were delicious. 30% of my money was saved on cost from your online store, and I saved $100 out right in tax exemption. My satisfaction was more then exceeded."

"keep up good work, good prices, good service, thank you"

"I love your website, very cool selection for hydro.! i used to order from [a different website], but in my opinion you put them to shame. thanks for the great products!"

"How can you get stuff to me so fast? Even using ground? Anyway, I received my Yield Master and the Agrosun bulb. It got here so fast the box is still smoking from the heat! As always, thank you is not enough. Blistering fast shipping and you saved us probably $20 or more compared to my local hydro shop.
I have had a hard time finding lamps for my Lumatek. Lumatek suggested the Agrosun Red and so far, knock on wood, it's doing REALLY good. Compared to using a cheap Chinese made lamp and a Kool Tube, it's now closer to a 1000 watt system. My tent's output is about 10 times what it was.
Thank again guys. Thank you very much!!!"

"I love how fast you guys are. Thanks again."

"thanks again... you guys are great!"

"Your web site worked flawlessly. Well done. I brand new to hydroponics and had no trouble finding what I think I need."

"... I also found your personal to be very friendly and knowledgeable in a phone call the other day great service"

"Wendy and Jay,
My thumb is so green it could glow in the dark - thanks to you - : )"

"great service on my previous orders, thanks Jay"

"Thanks for great pricing and a wide selection!"

"Past time to order again! My orchids want more light. My last order was fast and packed well. Thanks!"

"Happy holidays, Growco and thanks for all your help this past year!"

"...I just wanted to say THANKS! Not only for the exceptional prices but the meticulous details to service and the care of the packages you ship. When the time comes, you'll be first on my list to order from again GUARANTEED! THANK YOU!!"

"your shipping time and PR are incredible."

"I have recently sent several emails with questions about lighting for my many indoor house plants (both terrestrial and aquatic), in a complicated jungle room that includes a pond... Jay... provided quick, helpful and obliviously knowledgeable advice via email. I was able to use his advice to design a lighting system that not only will provide my plants (and several critters) with plenty of light but at a cost that I can afford. I am a graduate student so my budget is extremely limited... The health of my plants is important to me and your customer service recognized that. I have received better customer service from your company than from any other online store... you now have a customer for life."

"Really digging you guys and wish I had many more purchases coming--your pricing, service and expedience has been fantastic. I will be sure to pitch you to all of my fellow gardeners... Mahalo!"

"Was very happy with my last order, so guess I'll have to order some more!"

"I really appreciate the careful packing I've received on previous orders. That, along with your descriptive website will keep me coming back. I'm very interested in the emerging LED technology. Thank you."

"Special thanks to Jay for all of his help and advice, it's much appreciated!"

"I am spending so much, can I buy shares in 4hydroponics? HA HA. Seriously, as much as I order from you, you have never made a shipping mistake.
Not one other Vendor I used for my gardening can say the same thing."

"Thank you for taking the time to talk with me this evening and offer your advice and suggestions regarding grow tent ventilation and the WindTunnel fan."

"I am really looking forward to learning more about ebb & flow hydroponics using your system!"(All-In-One packagewith Bigfoot hydro system and Econogro Mini HID light)

"Your site was very user friendly and helpful!"

"Hey J, thanks for all the help...its always a pleasure."

"This is my third order in the past couple months and i am very impressed with your packing job and fast shipping thanks again"

"Jay, Can't tell you how much I respect and appreciate your clear, friendly e-mails. My wife and I are VERY happy with our little garden. It amazes us to see this in our living room..."

"Hi, I Ordered the Hydro Farm Light Mover and two Sun System Hoods, I am very Pleased with the Products and the Cheap Postage. I actually found the hoods cheaper but by the time you figured in postage it was much more than your price."

"I also wanted to let you know that your regard for your customer's privacy and the previous help you gave me when I bought stuff in your store is why I decided to buy from you again."

"I was a little worried about ordering bulbs b/c they could break, but your packing is great. So i don't worry, thanks"

"i just wanted to tell you how happy i am with the power cloner!! it clones everything, and very quick!! i am getting 1" roots in 3-4days!!! love this thing, will be buying the 165 site one next spring when i start my growing season. again, thanks for a great product!!"

"Thanks for the fast shipping on my last order!"

" I just received the order and it is fine. I again want to thank you for your help and conscientious follow through with this. It is a true pleasure dealing with you. Thanks again and have a great day!!"

"You guys have a great service! You made this easy. 
I can't find this stuff anywhere out here. Great 
job! Keep it going! Thanks!"

"Best online hydro store period!!!! What great service and prompt deliveries. I made 5 orders in 5 days all arrived ether on time or sooner. And the free shipping on all orders over $250 saved me tons of money. Looking forward to doing more business in the near future. Thanks again."

"Once again I'm back, your store rocks!"

"You have a very well organized and easy to use web site. I've done a lot of internet surfing and your prices are good... I look forward to future business and 
a visit to your store."

"I just want to let you know how very happy I am in how I received the grow bulb! Thank You Very Much For for the awesome packaging job! I can't wait to order from you guys again! Keep up the great work!"

"Keep up the great work, your company is one of the few I enjoy doing business with and never worry about "satisfaction or goods delivered"."

"Thanks Guys - Well I should say gal. Windi really had it together on this order, right on top of it. Thanks for all the help. Look forward to doing business in the future."

"I received my replacement light yesterday to my surprise, I didn’t expect it till next week. You guys & gals are really great! You have demonstrated that you truly believe in customer service. You have my complete confidence as a customer and I promise I will come to your site first for further purchases and will refer your site to all my friends."

"thank you for all your help on the phone today!! will be ordering all my hydro needs from you from now on."

"Got my meter and foliars, thanx for all the samples I already have put it to use. I will see how they work and will probably be ordering some soon"

"Thanks for taking such good care when packaging, my stuff arrived quickly and in great shape."

"Just wanted to thank you for your care in my previous orders. I started ordering from you last year, pots and containers small stuff, and was very impressed with the speed and condition my orders arrived. I have now placed a couple of orders with you over the last couple of months for nutrients and greenhouse supplies, and am very impressed with your service. I have just placed another order with you for some T5 lights for my greenhouse to use for my Bonsai's. I have recommended you to others and hope to do more business with you in the future."

"Thank you for your protective packaging as well as your prompt and 
accurate service. This is my third order and you are my preferred

"Just a short thank you for shipping my order so quickly. The bulb arrived in perfect condition and is already in service. I have not used the timer yet, but I am sure it is just fine. I appreciate your competitive pricing and your outstanding service. I look forward to expanding ... with supplies from your site. Happy Holidays!"

"Thanks for prompt and accurate service previously on last order"

"Thank you for the careful and considerate packing of my last order.
I received everything quickly and in perfect shape.
Much better packing than other suppliers have provided."

"It's always a pleasure doing business with your store. Four years and counting, 
and I've always appreciated the service."

"I ordered just about a week ago and got everything perfect, awesome store! and best prices, all friends have been routed to your store now. I will be back! :)"

"... thanks so much for all your help in putting this system together. I really appreciate it a ton. no way I could ever have done this myself, not even close... how impressed I am with the whole customer service experience you provided. System is great, price was great ... it was more like you were just trying to give me the best system for me and my needs. That's a big deal because most companies would have sold me way more than I would ever need and you gave me exactly what I need and left room for us to improve this system as I become better at being a gardener."

"I have to thank the Growco team. I'm a beginner in the indoor growing world and have to say that I'm glad I found Growco online. Jay and Wendi have been extremely patient and helpful in every aspect of our interactions. Jay has patiently answered my numerous questions and patiently provided input on different product until I made a decision on what would work best for me. Very rarely do you find someone that you feel completely happy doing business with and I'm happy I found growco. I have purchased everything I need from them and will continue to do so happily as well as recommend anyone I can to look them up. Thank you for the outstanding service, products and prices."

"I have placed an order July 19th for one B.C. Booster (1 liter). Just want you to know that i have already received it today and i just have to thank you for such a fast shipping, and great packaging. Wow, i am impressed and will definitely order from you again ( not to mention that i recommend you to everyone i know! lol). Thank you for an excellent service!!!"

"Thank you, the last order came quickly, and the replacement parts got here just as fast. Thank you for such great service. You have become my only hydroponics supplier."

"You guys rock the house! The grow house that is.
Received my shipment yesterday, everything came and looked and worked great! ( 2 foot long 8 bulb wide T-5 fixture ) (4 cool 4 hot)
Whoever packaged my fluorescent bulbs did a great job, waaay better than some of the others.
As well , to whomever It may concern when I contacted your grow store I had spoken to what sounded like a younger guy and then talked to a younger girl both were very helpful and knew what was going on. 
Growco and 4hydroponics.com will have my business for some time to come!!"

"Thanks for the great service !! 
I shop alot with yall , mainly just for the prices, but now it will be because of the prices and service."

"I first shopped the Internet in search of an (Indoor greenhouse) that I could outfit with an in-line fan and carbon filter. After speaking with Jay at Growco I decided to place my order. Since I am a novice I was apprehensive about my purchase. Well with Jay's patience I was able to set this (grow room) up practically by myself. It functions great and is so easy to clean. My plants love it too.
I will definitely order again from Jay. Shipping was excellent, prices are great and you will experience customer satisfaction."

"Thanks for having such an informational and helpful website!!"

"Best Prices around Thank You :) "