Cutting Edge BLOOM - 2.5 gallon

Cutting Edge BLOOM - 2.5 gallon

Cutting Edge Nutrient Kit - 1 gallon each

Cutting Edge Nutrient Kit - 1 gallon each

Cutting Edge GROW - 1 gallon

Cutting Edge GROW - 1 gallon
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Made in California, Cutting Edge Solutions has developed a 3-part hydroponic formula that is complete in all macro and micro nutrients! They are highly concentrated yet leave fewer salts on your growing medium.

Cutting Edge Solutions designed these specialty plant nutrients to overcome common indoor gardening challenges such as less-than-ideal climate quality and poor water quality. The end result gives you an affordable, high-quality fertilizer system that works well with a wide array of plants.

We've been testing the Cutting Edge Solution product line in our store for a couple of months now, and it absolutely rocks! They're crazy simple to use, and there are very few parts.

Cutting Edge Grow, Bloom and Micro are bottled separately but all three must be combined to create a complete nutrient solution. Different ratios of each are used during different growth phases. (Refer to the feeding schedule link below.)

Cutting Edge Solutions Bloom

Used throughout the plant growing stages, but most heavily during budding, blooming and fruiting stages. NPK: 0-6-5

Cutting Edge Solutions Grow

Used from rooted cuttings stage to budding stage. NPK: 2-1-6

Cutting Edge Solutions Micro

Used throughout the entire growth stages from rooted cuttings to harvest. NPK: 6-0-0

Works great with Coco Coir, Rock Wool, Hydro Rock. Although designed for hydroponics gardening, Cutting Edge Solutions can also be used in soil.

Sold separately or in sets (one each Bloom, Grow and Micro). If you want all six Cutting Edge Solutions products, check out the Cutting Edge Nutrient Kits

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