Cutting Edge Plant Amp - 2.5 gallon

Cutting Edge Plant Amp - 2.5 gallon

Cutting Edge Mag Amped - 1 gallon

Cutting Edge Mag Amped - 1 gallon

Cutting Edge Mag Amped - 1 quart

Cutting Edge Mag Amped - 1 quart
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Are your plants suffering from short daylight hours or low light intensity? Mag Amped is your solution!

Cutting Edge Solutions Mag Amped is a pure Magnesium chelate, which is easily assimilated by your plants. Why does Magnesium help? It's the primary element involved in chlorophyll production.

Chlorophyll is what makes plants green. Chlorophyll molecules are the photoreceptors of light energy - they serve as antennae to absorb light. Your plants then use the light energy to convert carbon dioxide to carbohydrates.

End result? Increased plant energy and improved overall plant health!

The Magnesium chelate in Mag Amped amplifies the overall chlorophyll production in your plants to help them overcome the negative effects of lower light situations (both in intensity and duration). Use Mag Amped in your reservoir or as a foliar spray.

We've been testing the Cutting Edge Solution product line in our store for a couple of months now, and it absolutely rocks!

Made in USA.

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