Cutting Edge Plant Amp - 1 gallon

Cutting Edge Plant Amp - 1 gallon

Cutting Edge Plant Amp - 1 quart

Cutting Edge Plant Amp - 1 quart
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Developed by Cutting Edge Solutions, Plant Amp is pure calcium, chelated with organic acids to improve plant absorption. Use it in your reservoir or as a foliar spray.

Calcium uptake by your plant's roots and leaves promotes an amplification of hormonal signals between cells which promotes vigorous growth while increasing cell wall strength and permeability.

Not only does Plant Amp provide your plants with the necessary Calcium to optimize growth, it also enhances abundant blossoms and promotes heavier fruits and veggies.

We've been testing the Cutting Edge Solution product line in our store for a couple of months now, and it absolutely rocks! They're crazy simple to use, and there are very few parts.

NOTE: Plant Amp contains Organic Acids which cause a temporary low pH reading. Do NOT adjust pH up. The pH will rise naturally as the plant uptakes the chelated calcium in one or two days.

Made in USA.

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