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Deep Clear Vinyl Saucers - 14 inch / set of 25

Deep Clear Vinyl Saucers - 14 inch / set of 25

Deep Clear Vinyl Saucers - 14 inch

Deep Clear Vinyl Saucers - 14 inch
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Deep sided clear vinyl saucers are great for catching the overflow from watering plants in pots or grow bags.

If you have plants that need high humidity, put pebbles or hydroton in the bottom of the clear vinyl saucer. Place the plant container on top of the pebbles then add water to the vinyl saucer to just below the bottom of the pot.

Natural evaporation of the water in the saucer will help increase the humidity surrounding your plant.


10" Deep Clear Vinyl Saucer:10" in diameter X 3" tall - use with pots/bags 9-1/2" or smaller

12" Deep Clear Vinyl Saucer:12" in diameter X 3-1/2" tall - use with pots/bags 11-1/2" or smaller

14" Deep Clear Vinyl Saucer:14" in diameter X 4" tall - use with pots/bags 13-1/2" or smaller

Deep Sided Clear Vinyl Saucers are a low-cost option for protecting your flooring, countertops or furniture!

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