Dutch Master Silica

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Dutch Master Silica

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Dutch Master Gold Range Silica is a silicon supplement that helps strengthen plant cell walls. Silicon improves the overall health of your plants so they can more easily resist insects, drought, disease, heat and other stress related conditions.

Dutch Master Silica also helps optimize the performance of modern hydroponic nutrients by increasing the root mass and improving your plants ability to absorb nutrients. An added benefit of Silica is that it is a balancing and buffering substance that also helps your plants to deal with potentially toxic levels of minerals, salts and pollutants.

Silica also helps prevent HNS (High Nitrogen Syndrome), a serious but common problem when growing with today's nitrogen-rich nutrients.

Dutch Master Silica works well with all plant nutrients, in any growing medium, in any hyroponics system.

You can use Silica throughout your plants life, from beginning growth stage right to the end of the flowering stage.

Application Rate: use 2 teaspoons per 5 gallons nutrient solution

NOTE: Silica tends to cause a rise in pH levels. Be sure to check your pH after adding.

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