Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow - 1 gallon  ON SALE

Dyna-Gro Liquid Grow - 1 gallon

Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro - 1 gallon

Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro - 1 gallon

Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro - 1 quart

Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro - 1 quart
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Dyna-Gro Mag-Pro is an award winning blossom booster that gives outstanding results when used on orchids, roses and other indoor or outdoor flowering plants.

This high phosphorus, magnesium and sulfur formulation brings out the color and fragrance in flowers, fruits and many vegetables. You'll also notice increased size when adding Mag-Pro to your regular nutrient regimen.

Mag-Pro is a liquid supplement that is non-clogging so is safe for use in drip irrigation systems and dilution sprayers. For best results, use with Dyna-Gro Bloom or Grow or any other complete nutrient formula.

Application Rate: - Mix 1/4 - 1/2 teaspoon per gallon water

If you're looking for a simple and complete way to fertilize your plants, Dyna-gro is a great choice for the beginner or experienced gardener. Their nutrient program is comprised of four parts, Dyna-gro Grow, Dyna-gro Bloom, Mag-Pro, and Pro-TeKt. This is an easy alternative to some of the complex multi-part programs that are out there, and it really works! We use it in our hydroponics display gardens in the retail store due to it's ease of use, and the impressive results we achieve with it. Works equally well in hydroponics or soil gardens!

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