Rapid Rooter replacements plugs - 600 count

Rapid Rooter replacements plugs - 600 count

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Smart Pot #3 - 10 count

EarthBox Garden Kit - Green

EarthBox Garden Kit - Green
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The patented EarthBox Garden Kit was developed by commercial farmers to create a maintenance-free, high-tech growing system that eliminates the guesswork out of gardening. All plastic components are durable, food-safe, and UV stabilized.

How does it work? The EarthBox has a 3-gallon reservoir at the bottom to automatically waters your plants - it even has an overflow so you cannot overwater! Above the reservoir is the aeration screen to make sure your plant roots have the oxygen needed for optimum health. Next comes 2 cu. ft. peat or coir based growing medium that you provide - it draws the water up to your plants. EarthBox even includes the fertilizer needed. To top off the whole grow box are mulch covers to help keep the moisture in and weeds out.

An EarthBox garden requires less fertilizer, less water and you have virtually no effort in the process!

The EarthBox Garden Kit includes:

1 Green EarthBox container
1 Aeration screen
1 Water fill tube
2 Mulch covers
4 Casters
7-7-7 Fertilizer
16 oz. Dolomite soil amendment
Detailed instructions

Just supply two cubic foot of peat or coir-based growing medium, plants, and water! Use your EarthBox indoors with grow lights or outdoors on your patio or deck.

Vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers grow bigger, tastier, and faster in the EarthBox!

Dimensions: 29" Long x 14" Wide x 11" High

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