Easy2Grow Kit with Reservoir and 4 pots

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Easy2Grow Kit with Reservoir and 4 pots

Minimize the attention needed to grow healthy plants by using an Easy2Grow Kit with Reservoir, and 4 pots. This self-watering planter provides the right amount of water or nutrient solution to plant roots in a natural wet/dry cycle.

Plants are allowed to absorb all of the liquid in the planter before rewatering. This natural watering pattern helps encourage strong roots and fast plant growth.

The watering sensor (AquaValve) uses a simple float switch that is gravity driven so you don't need a pump, or any electricity to run this system!

Simply fill both square autopots with growing medium (NOT included), connect it to the reservoir and let the Easy2Grow system nurture your plants for up to four weeks.

The Easy2Grow Double Module System includes:

47 liter (12.4 gallon) reservoir
Four 8.5-liter (1.93 dry gallons) square growing pots
Two 2-pot trays with lids
5 foot 1/4" tubing to connect to reservoir
Inline filter
4 control discs

Suggested growing mediums: soilless potting mix, or 50/50 coco and soilless blend, or perlite.

The Easy2Grow Kit works well for both edible and ornamental plants. It's easy to set up and simple to use. When not in use, all parts fit neatly within the reservoir for storage.

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