EBB Monster 6 pot System with 55 gallon Reservoir

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EBB Monster 6 pot System with 55 gallon Reservoir

The EBB Monster hydroponics system is for gardeners who grow large plants... It has 5-gallon capacity pots to handle your big stuff!

The basic setup starts with six growing pots and can be expanded to handle up to 12. Each grow pot consists of a 5-gallon bucket-shaped container with a second pot nested inside.

The EBB Monster Ebb and Flow System automatically transfers nutrient solution to your plants on the schedule you set.

The EBB Monster comes complete with:

Six 5-gallon Pots
Six 5-gallon Inserts
55 Gallon Reservoir
Controller Module (controls fill and drain cycles)
3/4" tubing and fittings to connect the pieces

To enlarge your ebb and flow system simply add an Ebb Monster 3-pot Expansion kit.

The EBB Monster Ebb & Flow System is designed to utilize hydroton growing media which is NOT included.

If you prefer to build your own Monster system start with the EBB Monster Controller Module then add reservoir, pots and tubing.

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