Eye Hortilux PowerVEG T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp

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Eye Hortilux PowerVEG T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp

Do you want to grow bigger, healthier plants? The new Eye Hortilux PowerVEG T5 HO Fluorescent Lamp is the lamp for you. Unlike any other T5 grow lamp, it incorporates both UVA and UVB to produce a more balanced spectrum, making your plants stronger and healthier, producing higher quality fruits and flowers than you ever were able to before! This is the only bulb on the market that will allow you to do so.

Since your plants will be growing much stronger than they were, it’s a great choice for those who grow indoor looking to transplant. These bulbs help build a stronger root, which makes transplanting your plants now easier than ever with much less shock on their systems.

These bulbs are powerful, so don’t plan on replacing your entire fixture with them - you won’t need to! Just one or two of these bulbs to your existing fixture will significantly increase the UV output and produce a healthy plant. No other bulb on the market produces such quality of UV spectrum of any kind.

This bulb is available as a singular bulb, or you can buy a 2-pack of them for additional savings!

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