EZ-CLONE 9 Site - Black and White

The EZ Clone 9 Site cloning machine is the perfect choice. With just a 10-inch footprint, this smaller system still makes use of the same great misting technology as all of the other EZ Clone systems, just in a more compact package.
$94.95 - $104.45

EZ-Clone Clear Rez

EZ-Clone Clear Rez is designed to help keep hydroponic reservoirs, tubing, water pumps and irrigation systems free from build-up during the cloning process. It is easy to use and can be used during any stage of plant growth.
$9.74 - $17.05

EZ-Clone Lid

These are original equipment replacement lids for EZ-Clone cloning units.
$33.25 - $102.55

EZ-CLONE Low Pro White - 128 Site

The EZ-Clone Low Pro White was designed with your plants, and your convenience in mind. With four-way finger slots for easy cloning collar extraction, EZ-Clone has thought of everything.

EZ-Clone replacement manifold

These EZ-Clone brand replacement manifolds will help make your EZ-Clone Cloning Machine like new.
$66.45 - $80.70

EZ-Clone replacement sprayer

These are the same red sprayers used in all sizes of the EZ-Clone Cloning Machines.
$0.57 - $12.30

EZ-Clone Rooting Compound

EZ-Clone Rooting Compound is a specially formulated gel designed to speed up root development of softwood and hardwood cuttings.
$5.69 - $11.35
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