EZ-Clone 64-site cloning machine

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EZ-Clone 64-site cloning machine

The EZ-Clone Classic 64-site cloning system has over 75 structural, technical and aesthetic improvements over the original versions.

It is easier to assemble and maintain and has a special recessed drain that allows easy drainage by tipping the unit. A leak-resistant cord outlet accommodates multiple cords.

When you use the EZ-Clone Classic 64, expect 100% rooting success with your plant cuttings in about five (5) days!

Rooting plant cuttings is simple and fast with this system. It features a customized mist manifold with a dependable mag drive water pump to deliver a fine aeroponic mist to your plant cuttings. Neoprene collars provide stable support.

EZ-Clone systems are easily the most popular cloners we carry - they are the sports cars of cloning machines!

The EZ-Clone Classic 64 is manufactured from 100% recycled materials.

Dimensions: 10" High x 25.3" Wide x 24.2" Long

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