FoxFarm Soil Formula Nutrient Trio - 1 quart each

FoxFarm Soil Formula Nutrient Trio - 1 quart each

FoxFarm Big Bloom - 2.5 gallon

FoxFarm Big Bloom - 2.5 gallon

FoxFarm Big Bloom - 1 gallon

FoxFarm Big Bloom - 1 gallon
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FoxFarm Big Bloom is a live culture of vitamins, amino acids, natural growth hormones, enzymes, and beneficial organic microbes formulated to give your plants strong, large, multiple blooms and sweeter fruits.

You can use FoxFarm Big Bloom fertilizer in soil, drip irrigation or any hydroponics system, indoors or outdoors. It works great as a foliar spray too. Use it as a supplement to most any other flowering nutrient to improve your current results!

Basically, Big Bloom is a bottle full of microscopic life. In addition to being an integral part of the 6-part Foxfarm lineup, we highly recommend using Big Bloom at half the recommended strength as a tonic for seriously stressed plants (that includes houseplants).

It's very gentle, and the incredible array of life that it contains treats your plant's root system to the perfect healthy environment. Big Bloom will bring a plant stressed from any number of issues back to life by improving soil or hydroponics water quality!

This 100% organic blossom builder is derived from earthworm castings, bat and seabird guano, rock phosphate, sulfate of potash magnesia (a natural mineral) and Norwegian kelp.

Plants love this stuff!

FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio includes 1 quart each of Big Bloom, Tiger Bloom, and Grow Big Soil or Grow Big Hydroponics. Check out FoxFarm Liquid Nutrient Trio.

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