General Hydroponics Flora Bloom - 1 gallon

General Hydroponics Flora Bloom - 1 gallon

General Hydroponics Flora Micro - 2.5 gallon

General Hydroponics Flora Micro - 2.5 gallon

General Hydroponics Flora Micro - 1 gallon

General Hydroponics Flora Micro - 1 gallon
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General Hydroponics Flora Series Liquid Concentrated Nutrients are a popular nutrient concentrate. General Hydroponics Flora Series is the original building-block nutrient system, setting the standard in the nutrient industry.

They include complete primary, secondary and micro nutrients for enhanced yields and better crop quality. The Flora Series liquid nutrients enhance flavor, nutrition, aroma and essential oils in BOTH hydroponic and soil cultivated plants. The Flora Series contain highly purified concentrates for maximum solubility and they are pH balanced for ease of use.

Safely use Flora Series nutrients throughout the entire life of your plants.

Mixing special formulas for starting cuttings, foliar feeding, etc. is easy - the complete instructions are on every Flora Series label.

Flora Micro (NPK: 5-0-1) is the foundation of the "Building-Block" nutrient system. Flora Micro provides the nitrogen, potassium, calcium and trace elements necessary for superior plant health. Use the Flora Micro Hardwater version if your tap water is over 200 ppm (or contains Calcium above 70 ppm). If your water contains 30 to 50 ppm Calcium, you can mix the standard Flora Micro with Flora Micro Hardwater to create a perfect Micro blend for your plants.

Flora Gro (NPK: 2-1-6) stimulates the structural and vegatative growth while building strong plant roots. Flora Gro provides the nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium and secondary mineral levels needed for robust plant growth.

Flora Bloom (NPK: 0-5-4) stimulates the flowering and fruiting development of your plants while enhancing flavor, aroma and essential oils. Flora Bloom provides high phosphorous, potassium, magnesium and sulfur.

Find General Hydroponics' feeding schedules here.

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