GreenFuse Root Stimulator - 120 mL

GreenFuse Root Stimulator - 120 mL

Ionic Grow - 2.5 gallon

Ionic Grow - 2.5 gallon

GreenFuse Root Stimulator - 60 mL

GreenFuse Root Stimulator - 60 mL
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Hydrodynamics International GreenFuse Root Stimulator helps initiate new roots so your plant cuttings can more easily resist wilting and go on to develop a strong healthy root system.

It inhibits a wide range of diseases and drastically improves your cloning success rate.

Blended from pure plant extracts, GreenFuse Root Stimulator is 100% organic, highly soluble, and leaves no toxic residues.

Soak the growing media with GreenFuse Root Stimulator then dip your plant cutting into a cloning gel and insert. Apply for two weeks.

Application rate:

Hydroponics: use 1 mL per 4 gallons nutrient solution with each reservoir change.
Soil and Coco: 1 mL per 4 gallons of water.

Highly concentrated! The 120ml bottle treats over 450 gallons of water or nutrient solution, while the 60ml bottle treats over 225 gallons. Shake well before using!

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