Gro-Smart Tray Insert

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Gro-Smart Tray Insert

The Grodan Gro-Smart Tray Insert was designed to hold any of the popular Grodan starter stonewool options.

For your A-OK Starter plugs or round Macroplugs use the 78-cell side of the insert.

If you use sheets of A-OK Starter Plugs, Mini-Blocks, or Gro-Blocks use the mesh side.

This 2-sided Dutch tray insert fits any standard 10" x 20" nursery flat. It keeps the Grodan grow media elevated from the bottom of the nursery tray to help prevent root rot.

The Gro-Smart Tray Insert is made of durable plastic material that is easily sanitized - it's even dishwasher safe! Terracotta in color.

Nursery tray NOT included.

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