Grodan Growcubes

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Grodan Growcubes

Growcubes are small 1/4-inch cubes of stonewool (rockwool). They're made of the same high-quality stonewool as larger Grodan cubes and slabs, but these miniature sized Growcubes fit any container size or shape.

When the cubes are wetted, they stack on top of each other leaving airspace in between the cubes for optimal root aeration.

Each cube has four surfaces from which excess water can drain. Even if you water a lot, the Growcubes will not get water logged!

The Growcubes are the driest of the Grodan products with properties of a 50/50 mix. (50% water/50% air) They're easy to use, and you can forget messy cleanup of soil when a pot gets tipped - Growcubes keep their shape and they're clean.

Great for larger plants and pots too - Growcubes are lightweight and are only 1/10 the weight of potting soil.

FYI: the 6.3 cu ft size now comes in a sturdier, more compact, easier to ship box!

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