Atmospheric Control

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Environmental Control equipment gives you the technology to provide the optimum growing conditions for your garden.

You can automatically adjust the atmospheric growing conditions in your grow room, including (but not exclusively) humidity levels, temperature, ventilation, CO2 levels, lighting and irrigation.

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Autopilot APCET Day / Night Theromostat

The Autopilot APCET Temperature Controller is an analog 24-hour day / night cooling or heating thermometer.

Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor

The Autopilot Desktop CO2 Monitor has an easy-to-read LCD display with independent CO2, relative humidity and temperature readings.

Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller

The Autopilot Digital Environmental Controller (DEC) is designed to control the humidity and temperature levels in your growroom while coordinating the use of supplemental CO2 injection within the temperature function.

Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller

The Autopilot Greenhouse Master Controller (GMC) precisely controls the temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels in your growing area. It also provides Day/Night temperature set-points.

Blueprint Analog Atmosphere Controller BAAC-1

Controls up to four 120V devices with dedicated receptacles for cooling, humidity and CO2.

Blueprint BCM CO2 Monitor

The Blueprint BCM CO2 Monitor, with built-in data logging, keeps track of the CO2 levels, temperature, and humidity of your grow room for up to a 24 hour period.

Blueprint BTC-1 Day/Night Temperature Controller

Control your 120V heating and cooling devices with an accuracy of ± 1.5°F with the Blueprint BTC-1.

Blueprint Controllers BDAC-2 Auxiliary Cable and Adapter

Your BDAC-2 can now be controlled remote from your personal or work PC!

Blueprint Sensor Extension Cable - 15 foot

Extend the range of the sensors for your BDAC-2 and BDCC-1 with a 15 foot extension from Blueprint Controllers.

CAP CGC-1e Complete Greenhouse Controller

The CGC-1e Complete Greenhouse Controller controls all of the main devices required in today's modern hydroponic garden. Your garden's HID lights are controlled by a precision 24-hour time clock. Two outlets are provided for your lights.

CAP TMP-DNe Day/Night Temperature Controller

The C.A.P. TMP-Dne gives you complete control of your grow room temperature.

CAP XGC-1e Xtreme Greenhouse Controller

The XGC-1e is the best all-in-one controller ever made. It is identical to the CGC-1e, except for the addition of Fuzzy Logic(tm) CO2 control! Fuzzy Logic(tm) gradually keeps the CO2 level at your desired setting, without going over the set point.

Centrifugal Humidifier

This quality Centrifugal Humidifier features a multi-directional fogging head that spreads moisture evenly throughout your growing area.

Green Air CT-DH-3 Cooling and Dehumidifying Controller

Designed to turn "On" and "Off" exhaust fans and/or intake fans to remove unwanted atmosphere due to heat or humidity.

Green Air CT-DH-3P Cooling and Dehumidifying Controller with photo sensitive eye

Designed to turn "On" and "Off" exhaust fans and/or intake fans to remove unwanted atmosphere due to heat or humidity.

Green Air CT-HT-2 Cooling and Heating

The Green Air CT-HT-2 controller features fully independent sensors for cooling and heating equipment. The cooling thermostat activates the left outlet of the controller and the heating thermostat activates the right outlet.

Green Air H/C-3 Temp Contoller

Designed specifically for the control of plant growth and related environments. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats or any other application requiring automatic switching of heating and cooling equipment.

Green Air HAR-1 High Amperage Function Relay

The Green Air HAR-1 power relay uses high amperage capacity contacts to transfer power to large fans, pumps or lighting systems requiring high voltage or amperage service.

Green Air THC-2 Total Humidity Controller

Control humidity automatically and accurately with Green Air Products THC-2 Total Humidity Controller. Switches 120V at 15 amp maximum. Sensor allows a 7% (differential) comfort zone between "on" and "off" functions.

Gro1 Wireless Sensor

Compatible with a Gro1 Wireless Weather Station, use this wireless sensor to monitor an additional growing area.

Gro1 Wireless Weather Station with Sensor

The Gro1 Wireless Weather Station is a great way to keep track of temperature and humidity levels in multiple growrooms, grow tents or greenhouses.

Grozone TEMP-1 Day and Night Tempstat

The Grozone TEMP-1 Day and Night Temperature Controller operates cooling or heating equipment to maintain optimum temperatures in your grow room.

Indoor Temperature/Humidity Meter

A dual analog thermometer and hygrometer that's waterproof!

Quest Air Filters for PowerDry 1300 and RDS10 Dehumidifiers

Quest Dehumidifier replacement filter for the PowerDry 1300 and RDS10 Dehumidifiers.

Quest Caster Wheel Set

Caster wheel set for Quest Dual Overhead Dehumidifier model 105, 110, 150, 155, 205, or 215,

Quest CDG74 Dehumidifier

The Quest CDG74 features 12 inch wheels and a retractable handle, weighs in at just 82 pounds and has a footprint of 17 in x 20 in.

Quest Dehumidifier Air Filter

Quest dehumidifier air filter for the PowerDry 4000, Dual Overhead units 105, 155, and 205.

Quest Dry RDS 10 Dehumidifier

The RDS 10 sports top-of-the-line filtration technology with a Merv 7 high capacity pleated filter designed to capture mold, spores, dust, and pollen.

Quest Dual Overhead Dehumidifiers

Quest Dual Overhead Dehumidifiers are excellent, high-capacity machines with little to no hassle. They are designed to be placed overhead and out of your way, but can also be set at ground level.
$1,939.95 - $3,149.95

Quest Overhead Dehumidifier Hanging Bracket

The Quest overhead dual dehumidifier bracket is perfect for models 105, 155, 2015, and 215.

Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro Dehumidifier

The Quest PowerDry 4000 Pro Dehumidifier is one of the largest capacity portable dehumidifiers on the market. It boasts a huge 22 gallon (176 pints) capacity, but uses only 10 amps, offering excellent energy efficiency.

Quest Remote Humidistat

​Constructed by Honeywell, this remote wall mounted humidistat is adjustable from 20 percent to 80 percent RH humidity.

Quest Replacement Filter for Dual Overhead 110 and 150

Quest dehumidifier replacement filter for Overhead Units models 110 and 150.

Quest Return Air Duct Collar for Overhead Dehumidifiers

​The Quest Return Air Duct Collar for Overhead Dehumidifiers is a 12 inch flange that allows you to set up your dehumidifier outside of your indoor garden. Compatible models include the 105, 155, 205, and 215.

Sunleaves Hygro-Thermometer

With the Sunleaves Hygro-Thermometer, keeping tabs on your indoor garden has never been easier.

Sunleaves LARGE Display Hygro-Thermometer

Keep track of humidity and temperature readings at a glance with a Sunleaves' large display Hygro-Thermometer. The digital numbers are big enough that you can easily read them from across the room!

Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temperature Shut-Off with Delay

The Titan Controls Zephyr 2 - High Temperature Shut-Off with Delay features a 6 foot temperature probe that's accurate within 2º F.

Titan EOS 1 Humidity Controller

Built by Titan Controls, the Sunlight Supply EOS 1 Humidity/Dehumidity Controller is the complete solution for controlling the humidity levels in your grow room.

Titan Hercules 3

The Titan Hercules 3 acts as a relay between a wall outlet and your room’s atmospheric controller. Perfect for AC units or dehumidifiers.

Titan Kronus 2 Temp/Hum/CO2 Controller

This atmospheric controller not only controls the elements of your grow room such as temperature, humidity, and CO2, but has a built-in 10 minute CO2 Delay.

Utopian Systems Portable Dehumidifier

The Utopian Systems Portable Dehumidifier is the perfect way to get rid of excess indoor humidity. You can set your desired humidity level and even set up continuous draining so once it's set up, you can forget about it!
$219.95 - $259.95

Zephyr 1 Day / Night Temp Controller

The Titan Controls Zephyr 1 day / night temperature controller was designed specifically for grow room conditions.
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