Equipment Timers

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Heavy duty timers for lighting, hydroponics, fans or whatever else you need to cycle on and off automatically.

You won't have to worry about remembering daily (or hourly) chores.

Timers will get it done for you!

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Autopilot Analog 24-hour Recycling Timer

The APCTART is a precise recycling timer that is easy to set and operate. The Autopilot Analog 24-hour Recycling Timer turns ON and OFF any 120V device connected to it.

Autopilot Master Digital Timer

The Autopilot Master Digital Timer (MDT) is a combination recycling and lighting timer designed for controlling up to four pieces of grow room equipment.

Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer 120V, BDT-1

BDT-1 is a single output digital timer with capacity for any 120-volt appliance, this unit is fully grounded and can be programmed with as many as eight different on/off cycles per day.

Blueprint Controllers Digital Timer 120V, BDT-2

​For bigger applications that require more control, the BDT-2 from Blueprint Controllers is an excellent timer choice.

Blueprint EZGrow BET-1 Timer

With the Blueprint EZGrow Timer you can quickly choose a pre-set grow or bloom cycle setting for your photo responsive plants.

Blueprint Mechanical Timer 120V BMT-1

A reliable mechanical timer solution for keeping your electronics running on a schedule, with 48 adjustable intervals each 24-hour period.

Blueprint Mechanical Timer 120V BMT-2

Fully-grounded 120V mechanical timer that is easy to use and can handle a maximum of 1200W and 15A.

CAP ART-DNe Adjustable Recycle Timer

The C.A.P. ART-DNe adjustable recycling timer controls any application requiring a device to be turned ON and OFF at precise intervals. Replaces the previous verions of CAP ART-2 and ART-3 timers.

CAP NFT-2e preset recycling timer

The C.A.P. NFT series fixed cycle timers are the simplest devices available for turning a device ON and OFF at precise intervals. No hardwiring needed - both the NFT-1e and NFT-2e are plug-n-play to use any standard electrical outlet . The equipment being controlled plugs into the front of the preset recycling timer.

Green Air 24-CT-1 Timer with thermostatic control

For the basics in garden room control the Green Air 24-CT-1 might be just what you need. This handy item incorporates two of the more common requirements of a small enclosure.

Green Air 24-DT-1 dual timer

This controller features two independent 24 hour clock timers in one housing. Each time clock has a separate power cord and duplex outlet.

Green Air CST-1 Chronometric Sequence Timer

The only unit of it's kind designed specifically for the control of grow systems. Easy to set and operate. Solid state time counter with adjustable frequency and duration.

Green Air CST-1P Chronometric Sequence Timer with photo eye

The only unit of it's kind designed specifically for the control of grow systems. Easy to set and operate. Solid state time counter with adjustable frequency and duration.

Green Air Cyclestat 4P Repeat Cycle Timer with photosensor

The Cyclestat repeat cycle timers have solved the age old problem of accurate short cycle timing. Perfect for plant zone environments, reptile habitats or any other application requiring automatic short cycle switching.

Green Air PS-1 Photostat Timer

The Green Air PS-1 Photostat is used to turn equipment "Off" during a photo "Off" period (night operation). When the lights are "Off" the control equipment will be powered down. In this mode the Photostat is ideal for use in CO2 generation.

Grounded Multi-Pin Timer

The grounded multi-pin timer offers two on/off settings a day.

Hydrofarm Electromechanical Timer

Hydrofarm's 15-amp grounded timer (model TM01015) is an easy-to-program electromechanical plug-in timer.

Intermatic 240V Timer

For gardeners who are using 240V equipment, this is the timer you need.

Raindrip Electronic Water Timer

The Raindrip Electronic Water Timer turns any drip system into an automatic watering system. Set a watering schedule specifically for your plants needs in just a few easy steps.

Sentinel PXM-2 Power Expansion Module (240V)

When you need to control larger equipment with higher amperage, or when you need to increase the number or size of the lights, fans, air conditioners or pumps in your growing area, the Sentinel PXM-2 is your answer.

Sunleaves SunDial8 Mechanical Timer

Need to put several pieces of equipment on the same timer in your growroom? The Sunleaves SunDial8 Mechanical Timer is your solution.

Titan Controls Apollo 10 Timer

The Apollo 10 is a 240V 24-hour Analog timer with 15 minute interval settings.

Titan Controls Hades 1

Don't ruin your grow room equipment by having it start to soon after a power outage and avoid hot starting lamps with a 15 minute power delay from the Titan Controls Hades 1.
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