Growing Seedlings with an Ebb & Flow System

It's a pretty simple process really. The most challenging part can be figuring out how to support the developing plants bulk and weight depending on what kind of plants you choose to grow.


Start your seeds separately in starter plugs in a tray under fluorescent light. 
This allows for you to finish up the last group of plants that are still in the ebb & flow system for non-stop production.


When the system is prepared and ready, transfer the germinated seeds into it. 
The starter plugs would be buried into your growing medium where the highest level of the flood process will just touch the bottom of the rooting plug. Leave room at the top of the pot to add growing medium later.

The flood will fill the containers to about 60% full, and depending on the growing medium that you choose, you'd flood an average of 2 to 4 times a day for 15 minutes each time.

As the plant grows, you can fill in the rest of the growing medium around the plant stem to help support the plant. If you add growing medium to the pots for added support, you should leave the flood height at the same level. Exposing a dry stem to an increased flood height may cause rot or mold to develop at the base of the stem.


Your hydroponics system must be kept clean for the plants to stay healthy.

For maintenance, you'll need to change the water in the reservoir every 2 weeks, replacing it with fresh water and nutrient.

Then, the PH needs to be maintained, which will require testing every few days and adjusting with PH up or down as necessary. (Same as a swimming pool or aquarium.)


Personally, I'd recommend integrating a preventative maintenance program of spraying for insects in order to avoid ever getting them.

You can use very natural and gentle sprays like Neem Oil, and apply once a week and you'd never run into any issues with insects at all.

Good luck with your plants. Call us if you have any other questions.