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GrowSwitch Full On

Grow more with less with Full On by GrowSwitch! Full On sets new levels of nutrient uptake that you will have never seen before. This is a great, organic product that boosts plants’ natural ability to convert nutrients into new cell growth.

Using Full On will reduce NPK requirements by about 50%, which will lower growing costs and reduce environmental impact caused by fertilizer. Full On will also increase your yields and decrease your flush cycles.

Full On uses nanoscale technology, which helps to fill in the missing links between the building blocks of plant life, providing the mortar for all of the nutrients to come together and for the necessary conversions and exchanges to happen.

Because of the small size, Full On can enter the plant cells with ease, resulting in an increased photosynthesis, increased cellulose, brix, starches, waxes, carbs, oils and proteins, overall giving you the best result possible.

You can use Full On in all hydroponic mediums, so you don’t have to worry about upsetting the balance of your already existent system. Since every system is unique, it’s generally recommended that you should start by using half the strength of the nutrient blend you already use and gradually increase to maintain healthy growth. Use Full On once or twice a week to maintain these accelerated growth patterns.

Full On is used as a great foliar spray, which will help to keep the minerals in the leaves balanced. Use 4ml/gallon and spray both sides of the leaves. To avoid a nutrient deficiency, you have to make sure that your plants are fed enough NPK’s throughout their growth cycle, because Full On allows plants to use and convert much more nutrients than they previously could.

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FullOn by GrowSwitch has become a very popular addition to the Mills Nutrients lineup for many Mill's users. It will give you a little 'extra kick', and increase yield and flavor quality!

See what some satisfied users are saying:

"I LOVE that there is finally an organic miracle supplement that I can use in my grow room for both veg and bloom with equal, awesome effectiveness! Since I started adding Full On to my nute regiment I have seen a spectacular increase in vigor and health on ALL of my girls. The cation exchange happening at my root zone is undeniable, where my plants would show me problems at the slightest stress before now they seem to grow despite me, happy and healthy all the while using less nutrients. I cant wait to see what the end results look like after seeing initial results like this. I will post what I think of what I get, and I cant wait to see what other great things that might come from Grow Switch if they can make a supplement like this!" - Travis

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