Hesi Super Vit

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Hesi Super Vit

Hesi Super Vit is a concentrated mix of 15 vitamins and 10 amino acids that increase your plants metabolism and overall health.

Super Vit works well in hydroponics, soil, and soilless gardening! It keeps your garden at peak health by providing the basic building blocks needed to reduce plant stress.

When you add Hesi Super Vit you'll see improved plant growth, stronger flowering and fruiting, plus an increase in disease resistance.

Safe to use during entire plantlife, Super Vit helps strengthen plant hormones, enzymes and cholorophyll.

The feedback from our hydroponics customers has been very positive, especially regarding the stability of the pH in the reservoir.

Super Vit is strong stuff, so be careful not to overdose your garden - 1 drop is all you need for 4.5 liters (that's about 1.2 gallons)! Just add to your current nutrient solution.

Hesi Feeding Chart (PDF format)

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